Forest Hands-Free HVE Holder

When positioned correctly, an extraoral HVE can significantly reduce the number of airborne particles reaching the breathing area of the patient and clinician*. The Hands-Free HVE helps you accomplish this easily and cost-effectively, giving you additional piece of mind whenever supplemental extraoral HVE suction is desired, or anytime someone is not available to hold an HVE in place.

Additional features include:

  • Provides full time extraoral HVE suction during aerosol-generating procedures, such as high-speed handpiece and ultrasonic scaler use
  • Easy to clean using common dental practice disinfectants
  • Flexible design allows you to position the HVE with precision
  • Compatible with most patient chairs on the market today

*A laboratory comparison of evacuation devices on aerosol reduction

Does this fit your chair?

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Aerosol Extraction
Without The Distraction.™
  • PLUG AND PLAY: Kit includes the flexible HVE holder pre-assembled with an HVE valve and tubing that connects to an existing vacuum system.

  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN: The flexible holder arm can be moved in and out of the way for optimal flexibility, and the HVE valve snaps in or out of the holder arm as needed.

  • DESIGNER FRIENDLY COLOR OPTIONS: Choose from 4 color combination options to best match your new or existing equipment.

  • EASY TO USE: Takes minutes to install with no tools required; simply tighten the holder in place, connect tubing, and position the extraoral HVE.

Aerosol Extraction
Without The Distraction.™

This product is not intended as a replacement for an intraoral HVE.