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Dental Models for Student and Patient Education

Quality begins with education. Trusted by dental schools, universities, training facilities, and laboratories across the globe, teaching aids by Columbia Dentoform allow students to perfect their techniques through realistic simulations and hands-on practice. Equip the next generation of dental professionals with the most trusted teaching aids and products in dentistry.

Browse Dental Exam Models

Dental Exam Models

As the exclusive providers of Commission on Dental Competency Assessments (CDCA) examination models, we have models to help students succeed.


Columbia Dentoforms

Find typodonts and dentoforms with realistic teeth and gums for standard, pediatric, periodontal, hygiene, and other applications.

Dental model former

Dental Model Formers

Model formers can be used to produce smooth, symmetrical bases for study models quickly and easily using plaster or stone.

Manikin model with teeth

Simulation Manikins

Our adult and pediatric simulation manikins and related accessories provide a realistic, hands-on experience of oral care.

Simulation teeth

Simulation Teeth

Made with our patented IvorineĀ® material, our simulation teeth look, feel, and cut like the real thing, caries and all.

veterinary animal model teeth

Veterinary Dental Models

Our veterinary dental models simulate real life animal dentition by way of anatomical relationships, tooth hardness, gingival density, and jaw articulation.

sliding clamp

Dental Teaching Aid Accessories

Find everything you need to use and maintain the full line of Columbia Dentoform teaching aids.