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Columbia Dentoforms

Columbia Dentoform® models have been used to train students in simulated conditions for over 100 years. Our typodonts are also extremely useful for practitioners as patient education models. With proper occlusal relationship, embrasures, simulated ginigva and our patented Ivorine® tooth material, our models and teeth provide a look and feel similar to natural dentition.

The complete line of Columbia Dentoform® models includes variations to meet the needs of almost every teaching situation. Our typodonts are available with hard and soft gingiva, teeth with different occlusal relationships and tooth choices including deciduous, mixed or permanent dentitions. Natural epoxy tooth models are also available with anatomically rooted teeth. And while our off-the-shelf options are impressive, what sets Columbia Dentoform apart are our curriculum-builder models. We partner with you to design and customize your unique model(s) from the ground up according to your curriculum needs. Please contact your local Columbia Dentoform representative to find out more about this unique offering.

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