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Register Your Products for Warranty Protection

We’re proud to back our products with some of the best warranties in the business. Make sure you get the full benefit by registering your products promptly, even if you’re not using them immediately! If your products are not registered within one year of purchase, you will lose your warranty protection.

Also remember to register replacement turbines! The warranty for a replacement turbine begins on the date of insertion into your handpiece as long as the turbine is registered. Install the turbine, visit this page and register the serial number. Registration must take place within 12 months of purchase.

To register, simply enter the serial number and other required information and submit it here. It only takes a moment to protect your valuable equipment for years.

2021 Forest Equipment Warranty

2021 Ramvac Utility Warranty

2021 Star Handpiece Warranty

2021 Heritage Equipment Warranty

2021 Columbia Dentoform Warranty