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Veterinary Dental Models

Columbia Dentoform®, the company that pioneered the first accurate and effective human dental models, also brings you incredibly accurate canine and feline veterinary models.

Our veterinary Dentoforms® were developed to provide veterinary medicine with a cost effective, accurate and humane alternative to using live animals and preserved cadaver heads for teaching programs. Working closely with leading veterinarians, we have developed veterinary dental teaching models intended for seamless integration into education programs of any level. These models are also extremely useful to practicing veterinarians in educating pet owners about proper canine and feline dental health.

Our veterinary dentoforms effectively simulate every aspect of dentistry, including extractions, periodontic and prosthodontic techniques as well as cavity preparation and routine cleanings. They are easy to order with readily available replacement teeth, gingiva, and bone components and are available in either hard or soft gum models.

For more information, and to order, please call us at 800-688-0662, or e-mail us at [email protected].

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