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Simulation Teeth

Columbia Dentoform® models are used to train students worldwide by simulating conditions they will encounter in practice. They are also extremely useful for dental practitioners, dental educators and dental licensing boards as education and testing models.

Using a patented Ivorine® material, our simulation teeth provide a look and feel similar to natural teeth. Ivorine® teeth are positioned into our Dentoform® models to provide dentition with normal contact and occlusal relationships. The natural anatomy and placement of teeth in our Dentoform® models provides a true simulation of the embrasure and contours of the gingiva.

Our Ivorine® teeth are designed to cut like natural tooth structure. The 860 and 1560 series Ivorine® teeth can be used for teaching and practicing dental anatomy and Operative Dentistry. These teeth are used in their corresponding Dentoform® for classroom instruction and dental board licensing examination.

The Columbia Dentoform® 1560 and 860 series model accommodates Endodontic teeth, as well as teeth with simulation caries and simulation layers of Dentine. The Columbia Dentoform® 760 and 2760 series model, designed for Pediatric Dentistry, accommodates our 760 and 2760 series Ivorine® teeth.

You can order any Dentoform® assembled with corresponding series Ivorine® teeth of your preference or aspect of dentistry. When ordering individual teeth, remember to specify which model, tooth number and product number.