Simulation Teeth

Using a patented Ivorine® material, our simulation teeth provide a look and feel similar to natural dentition and are designed to cut like natural tooth structure. The natural anatomy and placement of teeth in our Dentoform® models provides a true simulation of the contact and occlusion as well as the embrasure and contours of the gingiva that you would find in the mouth.

Our 860 and 1560 series Ivorine® teeth can be used for teaching and practicing dental anatomy and Operative Dentistry and are used in their corresponding Dentoforms® for classroom instruction and dental board licensing examination. They accommodate endodontic, simulated caries (both hard and soft), simulated dentin, pre-prepared (mesial, occlusal, distal or full crown) and standard Ivorine®. Our 760 and 2760 series models are designed for Pediatric Dentistry, and accommodate a full line of corresponding Ivorine® teeth.

Any of our Dentoforms® can be ordered with any combination of our simulation teeth of your preference. When ordering individual teeth, remember to specify which model, tooth number and product number.