Separation Tanks

Cylindrical Tank

These strong, high-capacity separation tanks are designed to serve larger facilities. With fiberglass construction and a smooth gel-coated interior, our Ramvac tanks are truly built for the life of your practice. A tapered bottom and large drain valve make maintenance a snap.

Ramvac Otter Tank

We squared the corners on this tough, compact tank to give you more capacity in tight spaces. Then we put it in a sturdy, stackable “trucker-proof” frame with strategically placed openings to provide flexibility for drainage lines. Built with Ramvac durability, this tank is easy to live with.


What’s even better than a large-capacity tank? An infinite one! Our gravity-fed InfiniTank drains continuously and effortlessly, letting you get by with fewer tanks and eliminating the hassle of cycling vacuum pumps to keep your practice powered. Save time, money, and disruption with InfiniTank!