Utility Room Equipment


Quiet, Reliable, and Smarter Than Ever

Backed by industry-leading warranties, our comprehensive line of air and vacuum solutions provide the quality and reliability of Ramvac.



Our compressors provide more usable air and smart monitoring by Aeras for reliable performance year after year.

Ramvac models

Dry Vacuums

Enjoy Ramvac reliability with the best warranty available.

Dental Separation Tanks

Separation Tanks

Our durable, corrosion-resistant tanks by Ramvac are designed to fit into tight quarters and provide lasting performance.

Wet Vacuums

Wet Vacuums

When you need a wet vacuum solution, you won’t find a more powerful, durable system than these water ring pumps by Ramvac.

UtilityRoom RamVac Accessory

Utility Room Accessories

Complete your air and vacuum system with amalgam separators, stands, control and monitoring systems, and more.