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Powder Coat Paints

Forest Dental Equipment

Let your personality and attention to detail shine by selecting from our 9 powder coat colors that will be applied to all metal finishes on your patient chair, delivery unit, and operatory light.
The below products are available in any of our 9 colors:

  • 3900 patient chair*
  • Pivot or Sidebox-mounted IC delivery unit
  • Pivot or Sidebox-mounted Euro delivery unit
  • 7010 delivery unit
  • 7020PRO and 7021PRO delivery unit
  • 3486 delivery unit
  • 9078 Operatory light (LED)
  • 9083 Operatory light (Halogen)


  • *Forest Grey and Shadow standard, upcharge for other colors


The following are only available in Forest Grey:

  • 3800 Fusion patient chair
  • Pivot or Sidebox-mounted Fusion delivery unit
  • All simplified delivery systems*


  • *Also available in white


See below for all 9 color options.

Powder Coat Paint Options

  • Arctic Silver

    Powdercoat Paint