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Surgio - Hyper-Real Implant Surgery Partner

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For the first time, students can learn with a true, extremely accurate simulation model, using our advanced surgical manikin system. Stand head and shoulders above the competition, and provide your students with an unprecedented, true-to-life implant surgical experience.

At Columbia Dentoform we understand that what your students need most is real-life practice.

Surgio is the one and only surgical and restorative mannequin system with extraordinary realism for procedural accuracy on a number of sites including non-aesthetic and aesthetic implant restoration, moderate full-arch removable restoration, advanced full-arch fixed restoration and advanced sinus augmentation & implant-supported 3-unit bridge.

Surgio provides the ‘real feel’ of soft tissue cutting, bone exposure, implant placement, suturing, and post-operative implant restoration. Students placing their first implant case will experience a true procedural simulation, working within the confines of the oral cavity, managing light obstruction and refraction, tissue rebound and tongue protrusion. 

Surgio can be easily mounted to a bench or a dental chair and has a drain plug and tube in the throat region for use of water during placement and easy cleanup of dust/debris when drilling.

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Surgical Procedures - To see all procedures, download our Surgio literature below


Anterior site with ideal patient presentation for students placing their first implant case.

  • Accurate bone density (D3) for anterior maxilla region.
  • Adequate bone with good density for ease of placement.
  • Adequate tissue height and thickness.
  • Easy access in anterior region.


Moderate complexity single-unit, implant site in aesthetic region. Teaches proper implant placement angulation to maximize the aesthetic result.

  • Accurate bone density (D3) for anterior maxilla region.
  • Slight buccal wall defect dictating slightly lengual implant placement.
  • Accommodates immediate or standard temporization techniques.


  • Accurately simulated sinus cavities with Schniederian Membrane supporting either Caldwell/Luck (lateral wall) or Summers (crestal) lift technique
  • Schneiderian Membrane is attached to the bone giving a very realistic "feel" to the sinus lift; must be carefully lifted away.
  • Sufficient coronal bone to place two implants 12 & 14 (post-lift with enough initial stability for restoration).