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Dental Handpieces
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StarSimplicity handpieces from Star provide exceptional value and performance over the long term. They combine quality U.S. manufacturing with affordable pricing so you can equip your entire practice or organization with reliable handpieces. Their slender designs provide clear sight lines and easy access to the oral cavity.

  • Choose steel bearing autochuck or manual turbine
  • Provides traditional bur retention with a friction grip, manual chuck and bur tool, or the convenience of push-button bur changing
  • Precision high-speed lubricated bearings and superior turbine concentricity contribute to accurate tooth surface preparation
  • Durable stainless steel construction resists damage better than handpieces made from plated brass or anodized aluminum - now with a high gloss finish
  • Power and torque enable fast, precise removal of tooth structure and amalgam
  • Single glass rod fiber optics provide shadow-free illumination
  • Improved unique water spray flushes work site and keeps tooth and bur cool

Replacement Turbine
  • Lubricated Turbine - 2 Year Limited Warranty

    Part Number: 260296

Replacement Swivel
  • 4-Line Swivel

    Part Number: 261547

StarSimplicity SW
  • Steel Bearings
  • Lube
  • Swivel Back End
  • Push-Button Chuck
StarSimplicity FX
  • Steel Bearings
  • Lube
  • 4-Line Back End
  • Push-Button Chuck