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Solara® QT Series

Dental Handpieces

Solara QT is the ultimate in addressing hand fatigue in your day. An exceptionally lightweight, quiet and powerful handpiece that quickly and precisely removes tooth surfaces and amalgams. A small head design promotes access and visibility.

  • 33% reduced weight (titanium)
  • Small head design
  • 18 watts of power

The Solara QT handpiece is the ultimate tool in addressing hand fatigue in your day. It is a lightweight, quiet and powerful dental handpiece that quickly and precisely removes tooth surfaces and amalgams. And the Star Solara handpiece has a small head design that promotes access and visibility.
If you’re looking for one high-speed that you can work with all day, this is the handpiece for you.


The Solara QT is made from titanium, which makes it one of the lightest on the market - up to 32% lighter than other Star handpieces - while retaining 18 watts of power for exceptionally strong cutting capability. Enjoy optimal visibility with a smaller head size, and a smooth slim neck designed specifically for smaller fingers, reduced pressure points and all-day comfort.

  • Lightweight and powerful with 18 watts of power for strong, fast, controlled cutting
  • Titanium - 40% lighter than stainless steel for less hand fatigue, more durability and more corrosion resistance (can withstand years of heat sterilization)
  • Neck designed specifically for smaller fingers
  • Engineered for more power when you need it most
  • Head size is smaller than competitor’s head size for better visibility
  • Noise dampening technology and advanced air flow design
  • Smaller head improves overall accessibility and visibility
  • Ceramic bearings are available LubeFree or lubricated
  • Dual-beam fiber optic produces superior light coverage and less shadow than a single beam.
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