• SolaraQT Handpiece
  • SolaraQT Handpiece

Solara® QT Series

Dental Handpieces
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Solara QT is the ultimate in addressing hand fatigue in your day. An exceptionally lightweight, quiet and powerful handpiece that quickly and precisely removes tooth surfaces and amalgams. A small head design promotes access and visibility.

  • 33% reduced weight (titanium)
  • Small head design
  • 18 watts of power

Replacement Turbines & Swivels

  • LubeFree Turbine - 1 Year Limited Warranty

    Part Number: 263739

  • Lubricated Turbine - 2 Year Limited Warranty

    Part Number: 263968

  • HiFlo® 6-pin Satin Fiber Optic Swivel - 3.3V (Star FO Control)

    Part Number: 268842

  • HiFlo 6-pin Satin FO Swivel - 3.1V (non-Star FO control)

    Part Number: 268843

  • 5-Hole Fiber Optic Swivel

    Part Number: 263758

  • LED Swivel

    Part Number: 265400

  • LED Plug 'N Play Swivel

    Part Number: 265646