Ramvac Bison

  • Bison dental vacuum
  • Bison dental vacuum

Ramvac Bison

Utility Room Equipment
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Ramvac Bison is a dental dry vacuum for those who demand heavy-duty, large-facility power in a rugged, compact chassis. Driven by a hefty industrial frame motor, Bison pumps provide longevity, efficiency, and unmatched treatment room performance for up to nine doctors plus staff.

Equipped with smart technology, the Ramvac Bison gives you the confidence of knowing your utility equipment is being monitored and protected around the clock. Pre-program exactly when your equipment powers up and turns off to save energy, and view up to six months of sensor data to help your service provider diagnose potential issues.

  • 100% water-free
  • 10-year No Fail, No Wear-Out warranty on Pump
  • 2-year Warranty on unit
  • Power up and power down equipment remotely from any location
  • Get automatic notification when preventive maintenance is required
  • Access your system’s entire alert and maintenance history log online
  • Complete system UL 544 (Dental Equipment) Listed and FDA registered
  • Federal users please call
  • Please call for installation guide and/or bid specifications
  • Patents 4,963,094 and 5,282,744
  • FDA Medical Device Registration K895876
  • UL Listed Dental Vacuum System File E122487