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The InfiniTank is the first dental vacuum separation tank that automatically drains without the use of expensive, maintenance prone pumps. The InfiniTank works in harmony with the natural forces of gravity and air pressure to create infinite tank volume in an easy to install, compact design. No more cycling your vacuum pump during work hours, and no more risk of flooding your vacuum pump because your separating tank is too small.

InfiniTank can eliminate the need for multiple separation tanks. As with other Ramvac tank designs, you can mount the vacuum unit to the top of the InfiniTank to create an even more compact installation.

  • Simple maintenance-free design
  • Drains without vacuum interruption
  • Significantly reduces the size and number of dental separation tanks
  • Completely automated to provide worry-free operation
  • Intelligent controller records cycle history
  • Fits neatly next to walls and into corners
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