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Individual Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

This individual dust collecting system is available built-in with Ergotech™, Medalist™, and Freedom™ workstations by Nevin. The system has a fractional horsepower, variable-speed motor with a lighted power switch so technicians can control the suction volume at their workstations.

  • Disposable filter bags captures particulate larger than 7 microns to meet ASHRAE Test Standard 52-1-1992
  • A secondary cartridge micro-filter on the motor captures particulate up to 4 microns
  • Motor may be operated manually by the power switch or automatically by operation of the electric handpiece
  • Lights on the control panel indicate when the filter bag needs replacement or the motor requires service
  • Automatic shutdown of the motor when the indicator light is on to prevent damage to the system
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