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Ramvac Flowcheck®

Dental Utility Room Accessories

The best way to evaluate dental vacuum system performance is to measure airflow at the high volume evacuator (HVE). Flowcheck provides a quick, easy way to accurately measure HVE flow rates. Flowcheck makes diagnosing problems a snap. Use the Flowcheck to measure the “flow ability” of your system and acceptance-test new equipment to make sure you get what you pay for.

  • Fits any ½" HVE valve
  • Digital readout gauge
  • Measures flow in SCFM at an open HVE
  • Detects clogged vacuum lines
  • Responds to small changes in flow or vacuum strength
  • High repeatability
  • Digital gauge with +0.25% full-scale accuracy
  • Precision machined, anodized aluminum
  • US Patent #6925886
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