• Aeras dental vacuum with antenna
  • Aeras dental vacuum system by Ramvac
  • Ramvac dental vacuum system
  • Aeras dental vacuum with antenna
  • Aeras dental vacuum system by Ramvac
  • Ramvac dental vacuum system

Aeras Dental Vacuums by Ramvac

When the vacuum goes down, the practice goes with it. That’s why reliability is so important when it comes to your vacuum. With Aeras smart technology, you can feel confident knowing your utility equipment is monitored and protected around the clock. And thanks to its cloud-based platform, you can access your systems from any device, anytime.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Notifications via email or text when maintenance is required
  • Power equipment up & power down remotely from any location
  • Schedule when your equipment turns on/off to save energy

By empowering technicians to access the unit remotely, Aeras smart technology lets you avoid unnecessary (and costly) service trips while ensuring your practice is up and running.

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Intelligent Utility That
Monitors & Communicates
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    MOBILE CONTROL: Never worry about having forgotten to turn your system off at the end of the day. You can now flip the switch from your phone—anywhere, anytime.

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    QUICK FIXES: The system not only tells you when trouble is brewing, it also troubleshoots for you, suggesting simple fixes like ventilating your back room to help avoid downtime.

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    MAINTENANCE NOTIFICATIONS: Proactive service is critical to your system’s health, but it’s also easy to forget to do. Now your system will remind you well in advance.

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    WARRANTY: We believe in the durability of our smart system so much that we’re increasing the industry’s longest warranty period to 8 years. Your investment delivers peace of mind now and well into the future.*

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    TECHNICIAN: The best part is, your service provider will get all the alerts and notifications you get, so you can stop worrying and leave the follow-up to them.

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    EMERGENCY ALERTS: When something starts going wrong, the sensors will know, and you get alerted before it becomes a serious problem.

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    AUTOMATED SCHEDULING: Automate daily activation and shutoff. Simply set it and forget it. When treatments run late, the equipment will sense activity and maintain power until you’re done.

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    COMPREHENSIVE DASHBOARD: A bird’s eye view of your entire back office operation, including detailed technical outputs, configuration options, and service records.

Intelligent Utility That
Monitors & Communicates

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