Work Stations

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Create an Orderly, Functional Work Space

Create a safe, orderly dental work space with workstations and lab equipment from NevinLabs. For more than 85 years, NevinLabs has been creating components that provide the optimal environment for dental work, from clean air to ample lighting and fully equipped workstations.

Desk lighting


Proper lighting is key to good results in the lab, and our task lighting, bench lighting, and accessories provide optimal lighting for all types of lab work.

Dental Stools


Furnish your space with comfortable, ergonomic stools to complement your workstations. Our stools are durable, adjustable, and available with optional back support.

Dental Workstation


Whatever your needs and your space, our lab benches and workstations can accommodate them in style, with an extensive color palette and flexible configurations.

Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

Protect your equipment and your health with dust collection systems that integrate seamlessly with our cabinetry and workstations.