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Product Spotlight: Star 500 Elite Handpiece with Aeras Intel

Dec 13, 2023 | Product News

Star 500 Elite Handpiece with Aeras Intel: Precision and Performance in Dental Care

High-quality handpieces are the backbone of any dental practice. This vital tool is an extension of your hand, allowing you to perform delicate tasks with the utmost accuracy. 

Until recently, the choice between electric and air-driven handpieces came down mostly to precision and control: electric handpieces typically provide precise control over speed and torque, allowing for more intricate procedures. They are known to maintain a constant speed under a load, making for steady performance during procedures. Air-driven handpieces, on the other hand, have been known for their cost-effectiveness, lighter weight, and higher revolutions per minute (RPM), but have typically lacked the precision and control of electric products.

In this article, we’ll explore a newer handpiece that is making waves in the dental industry: an air-driven handpiece that delivers versatile performance on par with its electric counterparts, with a light weight and the added benefit of an intelligent tracking system. 

Meet the Star 500 Elite high-speed air-driven handpiece with Aeras Intel


Introduction to Star 500 Elite Handpiece

The Star 500 Elite equipped with Aeras Intel offers exceptional versatility, combining balance, precision, and power to meet all your handpiece requirements. Star has developed a handpiece that provides 39 watts of cutting power while prioritizing patient comfort. What sets the Star 500 Elite apart from other products is its ability to match the performance of electric models while maintaining the familiar confidence and safety associated with air-powered devices.

Technology that Streamlines the Standard of Care for Dental Practices

Star handpieces with Aeras Intel support cloud-based, automated tracking and reporting to make it easier than ever to provide hygienic, efficient care. Using a compatible reader system, critical data such as handpiece usage, sterilization, warranty and maintenance data are automatically tracked in the cloud software and transformed into decision-making information


Features and Benefits

With the Star 500 Elite, dentists no longer need to sacrifice cutting power for balance and comfort. This handpiece combines the latest technology with the highest level of design to bring a host of new benefits to your dental practice.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Aeras Intel Revolutionizes Dentistry

The Star 500 Elite goes beyond smart, offering streamlined standard-of-care processes. The patent-pending embedded RFID technology automates recordkeeping, reducing the burden on your office staff and ensuring meticulous data management. Critical information such as handpiece usage, sterilization, warranty, and maintenance data are easily tracked. Practices who use the Elite handpiece along with the appropriate RFID reader gain insight into internal tracking, and diagnostic data.

Ergonomic Excellence: Stability, Balance, and Comfort

The Star 500 Elite’s ergonomic design translates into comfort for you and your patients. Weighing a mere 48 grams, it provides exceptional stability and balance, reducing hand and wrist fatigue. The optimal head size allows for patient comfort and ease of posterior access. Plus, cool-spectrum LED illumination offers exceptional visibility in the oral cavity.

Performance and Precision: Unmatched Cutting Power

The Star 500 Elite with Aeras Intel sets a new standard in performance. With a remarkable 39 watts of cutting power—twice the wattage of most air-driven products—it effortlessly handles the toughest high-strength ceramics. The multi-port spray means the bur remains cool while efficiently clearing away debris, enabling precise and efficient procedures.

Infection Control: Star Prioritizes Safety

The Star 500 Elite with Aeras Intel is engineered with infection control in mind. Its swivel design incorporates an anti-retraction valve, preventing water backflow into the dental delivery unit. This feature enhances safety protocols, safeguarding both patient and practitioner.

Durability and Reliability: Engineered for Longevity

Built to withstand the rigors of frequent autoclaving, the Star 500 Elite offers excellent durability and reliability. 

Like all Star handpieces, the Star 500 Elite has the added benefit of in-office turbine replacements. When a turbine wears out, there is no need to send the handpiece out for repair. Simply stock extra turbines in your office and easily change one in about a minute. This video shows how easy it is to replace a Star turbine. With this system in place, Star handpieces reduce product downtime for turbine replacement from days to mere minutes. 

LubeFree Technology: Cuts Down on Maintenance Time

The Star 500 Elite Handpiece is equipped with DENTALEZ’s exclusive LubeFree technology, saving practices the time and hassle of lubrication and offering enhanced efficiency. It is available in a lubricated version as well.


Applications and Clinical Advantages for Dental Specialists

What is your greatest requirement for a primary handpiece as a dental specialist? Chances are, the Star 500 Elite will meet your needs, while giving the added benefits of intelligent tracking software with Aeras Intel. 

Restorative Dentistry

In restorative dentistry, precision and control during tasks like cavity preparations are paramount. The Star 500 Elite Handpiece excels with its exceptional balance and stability, allowing for accurate and efficient procedures.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists require handpieces that are gentle, yet effective, for procedures on young patients. The Star Handpiece's lightweight and ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue while providing efficient treatment. With its high wattage, it allows for shorter procedure time, which may reduce patients’ time under anesthesia. The head size facilitates patient comfort and ease of access into smaller spaces, making it a valuable asset in pediatric dental care. 


User Testimonials and Case Studies

What are real dentists saying about the Star 500 Elite Handpiece?

Peter C. Certo Jr., DMD, General Dental Practitioner in Aston, PA

“The biggest advantage of working with the Aeras 500 Elite handpiece is the speed, because it does cut the time down dramatically. It frees you up to see more patients…it’s the most comfortable handpiece I’ve ever used.”

Dr. Certo adds that most other handpieces don’t provide the speed or torque to cut through hard dental materials quickly. The speed and power of the Star 500 Elite helps him reduce the time it takes for procedures, which makes his patients more comfortable because they are not in the chair as long.

You can watch Dr. Certo’s testimonial video here.

H3. Chad C. Duplantis, DDS, FAGD, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentist in Fort Worth, TX

In an educational video about dental restorations, Dr. Duplantis explains that he has used air-driven handpieces for the last 25 years because they operate at high speeds, are lightweight, and offer more control than electric handpieces. He notes that electric models have traditionally had their own advantages: they are quieter, with consistent torque and more cutting power. He says the Star 500 Elite is a great third option:

“What I like about this is that it’s kind of an in-between option. It’s air-driven, it offers 39 watts of torque, it offers stability, it offers control… you’ve got the best of both worlds… The RFID is great in large or group practices. You can track when it was sterilized, if it’s in use, if it’s needing a repair.” 

You can watch Dr. Duplantis’s whole video here.

H3. Lori Trost, DMD, Restorative and Preventive-based Dentist in Red Bud, IL

On a dental talk podcast, Dr. Trost walks through the considerations when buying a dental handpiece. She notes that dentists need a dependable, predictable handpiece with good functionality, stability, balance, and durability. She calls the Star 500 Elite a “tiger in the mouth” with a high level of power without the tug of an electrical cord.

“One of the main factors you have to consider is the maintenance aspect…most handpieces last right around a year…The beautiful thing about this unit is…it has the easiest turbine to change within the office. It takes maybe 30 seconds to do… You don’t have to send the handpiece off… I like to keep a turbine around, no big deal, I can change it out in 30 seconds…I’m not waiting on a repair. That’s a really big deal. It’s a game changer.”

Learn more about the Star 500 Elite and our entire line of Star handpieces and related products.

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