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iStar recognized as Top Product by Dental Advisor

Feb 4, 2021 | Company News, Product News

iStar recognized as Top Product by Dental Advisor

We’re very excited and pleased to share that our iStar Cordless Prophy handpiece has been recognized as a Top Product by Dental Advisor, a trusted expert organization for dental professionals worldwide for over 35 years. We especially appreciate this award as the feedback came from dentists and hygienists like you.

The iStar was engineered with YOU in mind to solve several ongoing challenges faced by hygienists and dentists.

• The iStar’s innovative lightweight (only 90 gr) design, enhanced by the iStar’s superior balance and ergonomics, minimizes hand and wrist strain, and may help shorten procedure time.

• The iStar allows any universally accepted prophy angles so you are not tied to one brand and can choose the brand that fits your needs and budget.

• iStar doesn’t require cords or foot pedals. The superior mobility eliminates the cord and tubing interference.

• The iStar’s quiet and powerful motor is lubefree and has 5 speed settings (500-2500rpm), that provide minimal chatter while helping to reduce splatter. The quick fingertip button that allows effortless switching between the high and low speeds.

• iStar’s Long lasting battery with 3 years warranty and visual indication of charge with lights, combined with the charging cradle, allow efficient peak performance.

• iStar’s custom-designed disposable sleeves, which are included, make infection prevention effective and increase safety of your patients and staff.

Full freedom of movement, ability to choose angles, powerful, lightweight and ergonomic design, make the iStar ideal for the modern dental practice putting you in control and giving your patients an amazing polish. That’s why 2 out of 3 hygienists and dentists who tested the product said they would purchase an iStar Cordless Prophy Handpiece.

Schedule a call to set up a demo, or simply learn more in our quick tutorial, or call (866) 383-4636. To learn more about the constellation of Star handpieces including Aeras, high- and low-speed air-driven options and electric systems visit our website.

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