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Innovations in Dental Handpieces

May 20, 2021 | Company News, Product News

Star Dental Handpieces

Innovations in Dental Handpieces

Dental handpieces are arguably the single most important piece of equipment for clinicians. Ask any dental professional why they have chosen their preferred type of dental handpiece and they will have a very detailed list of its advantages. It is amazing how nuanced those preferences can be!

Until now, a dentist’s choice for handpieces have fallen into two basic categories: electric and air-driven. Each has its own list of benefits and limitations, based on differences in speed, weight, torque, and load. Clinicians’ preferences are typically based on comfort, agility, types, and variety of procedures they perform. Some just have an intangible loyalty and choose based on brand.

Differences in High Speed Air Driven & Electric Handpieces

Here is a quick summary of the well-known advantages and disadvantages of these two primary categories:
Handpiece information breakdown
Until now, the advances to dental handpieces - the dentist’s most utilized equipment - have been specific and incremental, and recently, focused on attachments as well as add-on enhancements. Depending on the practice, dentists may also want flexibility. Multiple procedures using the same handpiece offers improved efficiency and amortized costs.
This is an exciting moment in handpiece technology. Now form meets function and rises to the advances being made in other areas, like the materials we need to be able to cut. In addition, patient expectations are higher in regard to both comfort and efficiency.

Imagining a world where you no longer have to choose.

To-date practitioners have had to choose between speed and cost or torque and versatility for their handpiece. Even more revolutionary is a solution that combines the best of both air and electric. Imagine having maximum cutting power, in an easy to control air-driven handpiece! After almost 75 years of having to choose, this would change an ongoing debate.

The Aeras 500 Elite from DENTALEZ rivals the performance of an electric, with the confidence of air. It offers the maximum cutting power (39 watts) available on the market. Additionally, balanced, lightweight design can reduce hand fatigue and maximize your precision. It includes fiber optic lighting for better visibility into the oral cavity.

Another feature that’s propelling Aeras to the front of the innovation line is the addition of an exclusive RFID technology. This technology helps dentists track important data like usage and sterility. Used correctly, this technology will help reduce inventory loss, and protect the practice with robust and trackable data.

The Star line, based in Lancaster, PA has always been known for its quality craftsmanship. For over a century, this USA based brand has introduced revolutionary products to the industry. Once again, Star has developed new and truly amazing innovation in dental handpiece technology. The introduction of the Aeras platform and RFID technology offered exclusively from DENTALEZ truly brings the smart revolution to the dental office. For more information about the Aeras 500 Elite or other dental handpieces, schedule a with call DENTALEZ today.

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