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INNOVATION IN EDUCATION: Meet Surgio Columbia Dentoform® launches NEW surgical manikin

Sep 12, 2022 | Company News, Product News

Malvern, PA - Columbia Dentoform, by DENTALEZ® , is excited to announce the launch of Surgio, a new surgical manikin that will change the landscape of dental education.

As part of DENTALEZ’s renewed focus on applying innovation to solve everyday dentistry challenges, we created Surgio to offer dental and CE students hyper-accurate, true-to-life surgical practice before working on live patients, without the need for cumbersome and costly cadavers. The Surgio manikin offers unprecedented realism, for procedural accuracy on a number of sites, including accurately simulated bone densities for novice and advanced students.

What does this mean for our curriculum customers?

  • They can offer their students incomparable experience working within the confines of a normal oral cavity with lifelike soft tissue that rebounds and protrudes, like true labial and lengual tissue.
  • Students will get tactile and physical experience cutting bone, placing, tightening and loosening implants, even suturing and performing post-operative restorative work.
  • Our manikins are priced to fit within traditional curriculum budgets, and may be the most cost-effective upgrade you can offer, to help your customers differentiate their dental school and CE programming.

“Our manikin will work in tandem with your customers’ curriculum milestones, while retaining the flexibility to adjust to specialized preferences.” Director of Sales, International and Special Markets Carlos Martinez says. “And, the manikins are completely vendor-neutral, compatible with all major manufacturers’ implant systems. So you can continue to seamlessly support the relationships you already have.” With unprecedented, individualized, hands-on access to procedural applications, there has simply never been an educational tool like this.

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Columbia Dentoform®

Grounded in over 100 years of dental education, we work as your partner to provide customizable solutions to meet today’s modern curriculum needs. Trusted by dental schools, universities, training facilities, and laboratories across the globe, teaching aids by Columbia Dentoform allow students to perfect their techniques through realistic simulations and hands-on practice.


DENTALEZ® is committed to providing state-of-the-art dental practice solutions for unlimited interconnectivity, choice and control. With unwavering top-level customer service and support, the Company has securely established itself as a trusted partner in dentistry. DENTALEZ has a proven history of providing tried-and-true dental products and equipment, and continues to manufacture a full line of technologically advanced front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands including Star, Ramvac, Forest™, NevinLabs™ and Columbia Dentoform. Visit for more information.

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