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Helping Seniors Live Healthier Lives

Sep 18, 2019 | Company News

Happy Seniors

Their 2019-2020 mission project in Decatur, GA, a dedicated memory care community, is “Seniors Living Healthier Lives”

Seniors at this facility will receive oral cancer screenings, cleanings, extractions and fillings with the help of Titan® Blis-sonic Scalers from DENTALEZ. All services will be provided by a dedicated group of volunteers who are devoted to delivering exceptional quality care to patients. All services are 100% free of charge to all patients receiving care.

The main objective of this project is to reduce oral health disparities by offering free dental care to seniors that do not have access to oral care. The anticipated outcome for the “Seniors Living Healthier Lives” project is for seniors to live healthier lives due to the reduction of oral and overall bacteria along with the elimination of tooth decay. GFDHA’s goal is to create awareness among it’s vulnerable population on the importance of daily brushing, flossing, and denture cleaning to eradicate as much bad bacteria as possible. Many are not aware of the connection between oral and overall health. Their impact will cause a reduction in the overall amount of cardiovascular (heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, unstable diabetes) conditions among this population.

As DENTALEZ continues to become a vibrant, trusted and integral partner in support of oral and overall health, we appreciate opportunities like this one!

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