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Essential Equipment for Your Dental Office


Dental offices are filled with equipment, devices and instruments unique to the dental industry. If you are just starting out opening a new practice, having a list of dental clinic essentials will give you a head start on figuring out what you need. If you are either purchasing or selling a dental practice, you may want to update some equipment to modernize your new practice or to make your existing practice more attractive to potential buyers. Researching the latest in dental office equipment for sale will be your first step toward upgrading older equipment. In this article, we’ll review the most important and most common dental office equipment, highlighting new, award-winning and best-selling products by DENTALEZ.


Dental Handpieces

Handpieces are an indispensable category of dental clinic essentials, enabling clinicians to probe, clean and treat their patients’ teeth. When you are in the market for new dental handpieces, look at recent innovations you might consider incorporating into your practice. Our article on the most common types of dental handpieces walks readers through current trends in handpieces for both general and specialized dentistry.
Aeras 500 High-Speed Handpiece
DENTALEZ’s top-selling dental handpieces are designed for exceptional control, and our Aeras models support smart tracking:


Dental office equipment maintenance is important for patient safety and equipment longevity. Our guide to dental handpiece maintenance offers comprehensive instructions and troubleshooting tips for both our lubricated and LubeFree handpieces.


Vacuums & Compressors

A critical component of every dental clinic is utility room equipment, usually consisting of the dental air compressor and dental vacuum system that power your handpieces and remove saliva and other debris from the patient’s oral cavity while you work.
Compressor, Vacuum and Wet Vacuum
Without this equipment, your practice is at a standstill, but because it is often out-of-sight and out-of-mind, maintaining it can be challenging. Our maintenance guide for vacuums and compressors delves into why regular dental office equipment maintenance is so important and gives instructions for what to do and when to do it.

DENTALEZ’s Aeras utility equipment takes much of the worry out of making sure your practice is up and running with Aeras smart technology for monitoring performance and diagnosing issues.


Dental Patient Chairs

No inventory of dental office equipment would be complete without dental patient chairs. Having a comfortable and hygienic place for your patient to relax while you work is key to a pleasant experience for both patient and clinician. Our complete dental chair buying guide includes an overview of how dental patient chairs evolved, a list of features clinicians usually look for, a checklist for “test driving” patient chairs, and brief discussions of chair maintenance and costs.
3900 chair close up
DENTALEZ’s patient chairs offer exceptional value, durability and comfort, while also allowing you express your personal aesthetic in your new practice:

  • Forest 3900 Dental Chair allows unprecedented upholstery and finish options combined with the highest quality engineering.
  • Forest Fusion Dental Operatory Packages offer pivot and fixed chair mount packages that focus on great design and affordability.
  • NuSimplicity™ Chair, from DENTALEZ’s Heritage Line, is a simple yet powerful solution for large practices,, where its AirGlide feature allows the chair to be moved around with ease.


Operatory Lights

Another essential piece of dental office equipment is operatory lighting, which takes two forms: task lighting and ambient lighting. The work of clinicians in the limited space of the oral cavity requires optimal lighting to eliminate shadows and minimize positions that can trigger musculoskeletal problems. While there is some debate among clinicians over whether both types of lighting are needed, most online lighting guides recommend a balance of both to address the needs of doctors, assistants and patients alike.
Operatory lights
DENTALEZ’s dental operatory lights, like the rest of our dental office equipment, are designed to offer a well-designed task lighting solution at an affordable price:


Sterilization Equipment

As in any healthcare setting, cleaning and sterilization of dental instruments and devices is paramount, requiring strict adherence to thoroughly documented protocols. No clinician wants to have to notify patients that they may have been exposed to pathogens because of a lapse in cleaning protocols. Our guide to effective disinfection in today’s dental practice discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed dental equipment disinfection. We review definitions for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization and offer tips for ensuring that proper disinfection occurs.

The most common types of dental sterilization equipment:

  • Autoclaves, or moist heat sterilizers, are most widely used because they produce dependable results by applying steam at 250-273 degrees Fahrenheit under pressure. The moist heat penetrates surfaces faster than dry heat.
  • Ultrasonic cleaners work by creating vibrations that send waves of acoustic energy through a cleaning solution to break the bonds that cause debris to adhere to the surface of instruments.
  • Cold chemical washers use chemical sterilants such as glutaraldehyde or hydrogen peroxide to kill microorganisms and are generally only used for devices that are not heat tolerant.


Dental Lab Workstations

Not every dental practice will be large enough to require a dental lab workstation, but those that are will find making adjustments to crowns, dentures and implants is much faster than sending them out and much safer than improvising in-house. Read our comprehensive guide to the Dos and Don’ts of designing a durable and functional dental lab workstation.

  • DENTALEZ’s NevinLabs has a legacy of providing dental lab equipment that creates the optimal environment for dental work, from clean air to ample lighting and fully equipped workstations.



The list of equipment and products needed to run a dental practice can be extensive and dental office equipment costs can seem prohibitive. If you are opening or purchasing a new practice, you can opt to start out with a smaller list of the dental clinic essentials described here.

Whatever your needs, DENTALEZ’s sales and customer experience teams have decades of experience in the dental industry and are happy to answer your questions. We do what we do to help you succeed. Schedule a call with a sales rep or contact any of our offices directly.

If you require dental office equipment repair for any of your DENTALEZ products, please reach out to our service tech team.

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