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Employee Spotlight - Russell Branham


Russell Branham, Merchandise Sales Senior Sales Manager

Russell is relatively new to our team at DENTALEZ, having joined the company in spring of this year, but he’s been in the sales arena for over 25 years, and almost 20 of those, specifically in dental sales. We asked him a few of our favorite questions, about his past experience and how it relates to his work with us, and what he likes most about the dental industry.

What roles had you previously held (whether at DENTALEZ or another company) that either made it possible for you to enter your desired field or helped you learn specific things for your position today?

In 2003 I joined the dental world as an Expansion Territory Manager for Zimmer Dental. This would be the first of many opportunities I’ve since had to be part of the expansion or development of a new Sales operation or organization. Since that time, I have held a number of roles: Territory Manager, Area Manager, Region Manager and Director. Each role I’ve had the privilege to operate in has given me the opportunity to grow and learn the ins and outs of Sales Leadership, from top to bottom.

What do you like about working in the dental industry?

The dental industry often feels like the last frontier in owner-operated healthcare. I get to talk to clinicians every day that are the sole source and driver of patient care. I get to talk to doctors about a variety of things that are important to them - like, what matters to them regarding the care of their patients, and their personal experience day in and day out.

What's your favorite aspect of your job?

That’s an interesting one. I actually love engaging with the Merchandise Sales Team. On a daily basis, I enjoy providing the support and direction that creates wins at every opportunity. The “Internal Customer” is just as important to me as the external customer.

What's your favorite DENTALEZ product and why?

It’s a hard question to answer with so many options but I will have to say the Aeras 500 Elite high-speed handpiece. As a complete package, it is remarkable. We have taken handpieces into the 21st century.  With RFID technology, the exemplary power at 39w, and the anti-retraction technology for the care and safety of the patient, it really is the full package. When doctors try it, they can’t believe the balance, power and technology that we have packed into this extraordinary handpiece.

Thanks Russell!

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