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Employee Spotlight - Michael Krain

Jul 9, 2024 | Employee Spotlights

Merchandise Sales Specialist for the NorthEast Region

Michael joined our team in 2022 and was immediately recognized as a true “relationship first” professional. Michael is always trying to see the market from different perspectives in order to keep his customers in front of the trends. He has the ability to create full-line solutions while keeping the best interests of his customer as a front-line priority.


What roles had you previously held (whether at DENTALEZ or another company) that either made it possible for you to enter your desired field or helped you learn specific things for your position today?

I’ve spent almost 30 years in the dental industry, across different aspects and companies, with focus on early rotary endo, regenerative periodontal using enamel matrix derivatives, and implant sales. Location-wise, I was mainly focused in the New York City metropolitan area.


What do you like about working in the dental industry?

I’ve always loved the combination of academics and craftmanship that goes into the dental profession, both in service of the practitioner and from the effectiveness lens of the sales representative. In sales, it allows us to work many facets of our brain including psychology, strategy, critical thinking and procedural problem solving. I try to live my life through solving puzzles, so this makes my work fun.


What's your favorite aspect of your job?

I love meeting with, interacting and making friends with all kinds of people.  It’s way more fun to work with friends! In addition, the fact that I can be used as a puzzle-solver - a problem-solver -  both clinically and professionally makes each day different and rewarding.


What's your favorite DSX or DENTALEZ product and why?

Although I love working with the precision of the Star Handpiece line, I have an affinity for the implant Surgical Manikin “Surgio”.

I love the creativity, practicality and uniqueness of the manikin, and am excited about the changes we’ve been making with (him) to continually make (him) better. And my long-standing implant background is perfectly suited for Surgio.


Thanks Michael!

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