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Employee Spotlight - Kelly Allen


Kelly Allen, Sr. Customer Service Experience Representative

Kelly Allen has been with DENTALEZ for over 30 years, and has a well-established track record of friendly and helpful customer service to our clients. Her mantra is to always treat the person on the other end of the phone, or the person in front of her, the same way she would want to be treated, and is known for having a great attitude and giving 110% all the time.

We asked Kelly to tell us more about the work she enjoys and excels at!

What is your role at DENTALEZ?

My responsibilities are focused on supporting our customers over the phone - by customers, I’m including our dealer/suppliers, dentists, sales reps, government and university personnel.

It can be any number of ways to help -

I process customer orders for parts, equipment and also Return Materials Authorization’s for customers to return products when necessary.

I provide equipment quotes, ship dates, and tracking information.

I log all calls in our database, and I go to the production meetings to get updates on open orders and discuss any issues we may have.

I also work with our internal teams like production and purchasing, daily. I train other customer service teams across our multiple locations, while staying up-to-date on other DENTALEZ products by completing training myself.

What roles had you previously held (whether at DENTALEZ or another company) that either made it possible for you to enter your desired field or helped you learn specific things for your position today?

When I finished school, I knew that I wanted to work in an office environment. I’ve spent years with DENTALEZ as a Customer Service rep and Customer Service manager, so I would have to say that my time in those positions definitely prepared me to succeed in my current role.  

What do you like about working in the dental industry?

I feel like I have a new appreciation and perspective for this industry and its professionals. I love the satisfaction of being part of the behind-the-scenes process that helps build dental practices - from processing orders, building and shipping products and getting them to the end user in time for their installs.

What's your favorite aspect of your job?

It’s the PEOPLE and I love working with all of them. . . Sales reps, dealer reps, dentists, hygienists, internal people/teams in production, marketing, purchasing, engineering, quality, shipping and other divisions etc.!

What's your favorite DENTALEZ product and why?

This is a hard one, because my favorite was actually discontinued, unfortunately! I really loved our J-chair family. However, times are changing, and we look forward to all the great things in our future!

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