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Employee Spotlight - Justin Fry

Apr 30, 2021 | Employee Spotlights

Justin came to DentalEZ in 2019, after spending 10 years in medical device manufacturing focused primarily on minimally invasive surgical devices and intravenous catheters. As our Senior Product Manager, his role leans heavily on the intimate understanding of the products we manufacture on every level.

Justin is a great enthusiast for our products specifically but in general he’s excited on a daily basis to talk about innovation and technology in the dental field. We asked Justin to share some of his enthusiasm with us in a few words.

How do your previous experiences in the medical field relate to the work you do for us at DENTALEZ?
Over the last years spent in medical device manufacturing, the first 5 years were spent in operations and quality management, while the last 5 were in product management. My background in quality and manufacturing of these intricate and complex medical devices has given me a well-rounded perspective that has shaped my product management style. Being able to speak the language of quality and operations allows me to help overcome obstacles and become an advocate for products that successfully merge the needs of patients and doctors with the talent of our operations team.

What do you like most about working in the dental industry, specifically?
First and foremost, I get personal fulfillment playing a part in the healthcare sector. Providing products that improve patient outcomes, and by extension, their lives, is very rewarding. One of the unique facets of dental that attracted me was the as-of-yet untapped potential to innovate in ways that push the industry toward smarter and more connected systems that improve both patient and doctor experience. Our new Aeras platform is a perfect example of how we are pushing the envelope with forward-thinking products that can make life easier for dental patients and professionals. I’m extremely excited to be on the cutting edge of industry change at this pivotal moment.

What's your favorite aspect of your job?
My favorite aspect of my job has a lot to do with DENTALEZ as a company. We are vigilant in our mission of providing solutions to the everyday challenges of dentistry, and as a product manager I am empowered to identify and initiate those solutions. The fun part about identifying and initiating new products is that I get to work directly with our customers to understand where they need help, and then I get to work with the cross-functional team at DENTALEZ to bring a solution to life. And with the exciting new technology changes we’re looking at right now, we’re really at a moment of industry-changing innovation.

What's your favorite DENTALEZ product and why?
As product manager over our operatory equipment portfolio, it would be easy for me to say our Forest operatory packages: they are literally colorful. They come in any of our 9 powder coat color options and offer a premium feel for a very reasonable price, so that’s a great product to talk about. We also created a really smart, easy-to-use new Hands-Free HVE that allows full-time aerosol suction at a time when increased safety and our ability to be responsive to it is very satisfying. But I must say my favorite is the Aeras 500 Elite handpiece. It hits all my professional goals: I love hearing first-hand from dentists how comfortable and well-balanced the Aeras 500 Elite feels in their hand, I love representing a product that is an industry first, providing an air-driven handpiece that rivals the power of an electric. It’s just a great example of how we are listening to our customers and coming up with solutions that make their lives easier.

Thanks Justin!

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