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Employee Spotlight - Heather Trombley


Heather joined DENTALEZ in 2015, after decades of experience in medtech across such heavy hitters as GE and Conmed. What intrigued her most to make the leap was the opportunity to apply her entrepreneurial spirit to a brand that had such a rich history, and was poised for a relaunch with a renewed focus on integrating innovative technology to solve real, everyday dentistry challenges.

We thought her story would make the perfect inaugural feature in our new series, DENTALEZ’s Employee Spotlight, since today is Women and Girls in Science Day!

We asked Heather to share her thoughts on being a female in the science field and why it's so important for women to be in these roles. And of course, what she loves about her job with DENTALEZ.

1. Why were you drawn to the sciences - specifically engineering?
Because I appreciate logic and the formulaic nature of math. Since I innately like to solve problems, I thought engineering would give me the foundation to do so with a scientific/prescribed approach.

2. Were you ever the only female in your classes/jobs?
Never the only one in classes, but often part of the tiny minority. Interestingly, however, it wasn’t until I reached senior leadership levels that I was OFTEN THE ONLY FEMALE IN THE ROOM. That’s a sad state of affairs that MUST change.

3. Did you ever feel like you had to fight harder to be a woman in science?
On occasion. Fortunately, most of the time in school and early in my career I was not alone and GE was outstanding for its meritocracy. That doesn’t mean that at times I didn’t have to work harder, to establish credibility in areas that were very male-dominated, especially since I was often in “old boys industries”. But I understood that, and I was willing to work harder than male colleagues because the fight was worth it. And oh by the way, it STILL is!

4. What do you like about working in the dental industry?
There is so much opportunity to bring process and technology improvements to this arena, that will not only lead to better patient experiences but also better patient outcomes, and I love being part of that.

5. What's your favorite aspect of your job?
Leading change in our Company ... through our teams, our goals, our mission, our vision and our employees, and then seeing the impact in the marketplace.

6. What's your favorite DENTALEZ product and why?
AERAS. It truly signals the (r)evolution we can bring to our industry.

Thanks Heather!

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