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Employee Spotlight - Heather Murray


DSX (Dental Solutions and Technology) Equipment Sales Specialist

Heather joined our team just a few years ago but has established herself solidly with an admirable work ethic. She has quickly built a high level of trust with her partners thanks to her “take care of the customer first” approach.

We asked Heather to tell us more about her approach to her work!


What roles had you previously held that helped you learn specific things for your position today?

I have been in dental sales for 17 years, in both manufacturing and distribution roles.
Prior to my sales career I worked clinically in the dental office and taught dental assisting.
This diverse background in dentistry has allowed me to fully understand and appreciate the needs of the patient, the clinician, and staff members.


What do you like about working in the dental industry?

I consider myself a dental nerd, from the perspective that my true passion lies in the clinical aspect of dentistry. The ability to change a person’s outlook on life by recreating their smile is a powerful thing and the field keeps evolving with more effective technology. It is an amazing profession, and I am honored that I have been able to be a part of it in several different capacities.


What's your favorite aspect of your job?

I like having the ability to help the clinicians provide the best patient care with the equipment we sell. Our portfolio is very diverse and provides the doctor with a lot of options to create the best experience possible for their patients and staff.


What's your favorite DSX or DENTALEZ product and why?

I enjoy selling the Forest equipment line due to its extensive options and the ability to customize to the customers’ preferences. These personalization’s can really make the difference in creating a beautiful dental practice.

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