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Employee Spotlight - Freeman McCall

May 24, 2022 | Employee Spotlights

Freeman Joseph McCall, Repair Technician at DENTALEZ

Freeman McCall is one of our longest-standing employees, celebrating 45 years of service this year!

His manager and team members will be the first to tell you that Freeman is the definition of Team Player. He will work in any area without hesitation and always produces high quality products. “When we talk about the core values of DENTALEZ (Resourceful and Creative, Working Collaboratively, treating others with care, trust and respect, Performing with High Standards and Acting with Integrity) we are talking about Freeman McCall.“

Over his tenure with us, he has worked in many different roles, and while he’s a man of few words himself, he is well-known for his consistency and dedication to a job well done. His supervisors attest that he’s been an incredibly dedicated employee. “He is a wonderful example of honesty, integrity, and hard work. Working in the A/C, building things with his hands, working with people, and getting to learn different areas is what has kept him here for 45 years. He started here in 1979 and feels like he can still build some of the products that we made back then.”

We asked Freeman a few of our favorite questions, about his many years with us here at DENTALEZ.

What is your role at DENTALEZ? 

I am currently the Repair technician at DENTALEZ

I do the repairs for all the wet ring pumps, compressors, and dry vacs. Over the years I have repaired lights, CMUs, and other products as well.


What roles had you previously held at DENTALEZ that either made it possible for you to enter your desired field or helped you learn specific things for your position today?

I have held roles in the light line, upholstery, wet vac, cmu, the sanding department, and in repairs. I still handle the repairs from the returns as well.

What do you like about working in the dental industry?

I like working indoors and being on a team that makes interesting products.

What's your favorite aspect of your job?

Learning to do different jobs in several different areas of the plant.

What's your favorite DENTALEZ product and why?

I like all of the products. I enjoy being involved with all areas of the plant and enjoy being able to see many products produced at a high level of quality. I enjoy a job well done.


We thank you for your many years of dedication to DENTALEZ, Freeman!

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