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DENTALEZ® Launches Intelligent Aeras Technology

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DENTALEZ® is excited to launch a new product platform introducing benefits from the company’s recent evolution into becoming a technology innovator addressing real, everyday challenges in dentistry. The new Aeras™ Intelligent Platform introduction includes two major product launches: the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece by Star®, and the Aeras Compressor by Ramvac®.

Aeras – Giving a Voice to Tools of the Trade
When tools of the trade can communicate with each other, that’s smart. When they can communicate with you, that’s Aeras. The new Aeras Intelligent Platform from DENTALEZ can collect data, share information and streamline standard-of-care processes, creating an environment of superior patient care and practice efficiency, critical in helping you manage your dental office.
DENTALEZ President Heather Trombley is proud to be leading this change in direction for the Company. “Smart technology for the sake of itself isn’t smart at all but when it can save energy, waste and reduce unplanned downtime while minimizing disruptions for an increased focus on patients, that’s smart. This added technology allows for easier operation for the dentist which translates into a better patient experience as soon as they sit in the dental chair. DENTALEZ is committed to evolving the products that dentists have come to trust. This is what we are striving for.”

Aeras 500 Elite High-speed Air-driven Handpiece by Star
The new Aeras 500 Elite offers similar cutting performance to an electric handpiece but with the familiar lightweight, ergonomic and tactile feel of an air-driven unit. Packing an industry-leading 39-watts of power in a traditional-sized head, the modern design of the Aeras 500 Elite holds exclusive patent-pending RFID technology that unlocks new possibilities for complete practice interconnectivity. When used with a compatible reader system, the Aeras 500 can automatically track handpiece usage, monitor sterilization, and view location at any given moment, reducing the burdens of traditional record keeping and enhancing productivity for the entire staff.

The legacy of Star innovations continues in the robust smart design of the Areas 500 Elite, delivering unprecedented power without generating excessive heat, capable of cutting through the latest high-strength ceramic materials with confidence, safety and ease. The lightweight handpiece offers balance and stability, fits all finger sizes, and easily navigates into posterior areas as cool-spectrum LED fiber optic lighting brightly illuminates the way. Simple in-office turbine replacements ensure ongoing readiness and maximum performance.

Aeras Compressor by Ramvac
The new Aeras Compressor is enabled with the latest cloud-based technology that offers active monitoring with data streaming from embedded sensors. Ensuring automatic detection when potential issues arise, diagnostic information is relayed to the right person at the right time to help prevent unwanted downtime. All information can be accessed via web browser on any device, along with the ability to remotely schedule when the equipment powers on and off. Plus, all Aeras smart-enabled compressors with a monitoring service subscription are protected with an 8-year extended warranty, the best in the industry.

Equipped with the same features and benefits that dental professionals have come to trust with Ramvac, the powerful Aeras Compressor provides clean, dry, oil-free air in even the busiest of dental office environments. Dual Desiccant Dryer Technology prevents harmful bacterial growth, and a rocking piston design provides quiet operation while doubling the compression ring lifespan and producing peak 100% continuous airflow. A high-pressure option is also included for practices that require extra operating power.

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