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Another Addition to the Family: Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece

Nov 17, 2020 | Company News, Product News

Welcoming Aeras to the Star family

As seen on Dental Product Shopper’s blog.

In February 2020, DENTALEZ welcomed another addition to their Star family, the Aeras 500 Elite. Weighing in at just 48 grams with an optimal head size of 11.6 mm, the new addition packs 39 watts of power into its compact body, making it perfect for cutting through high-strength ceramics. A proud member of the Aeras Intelligent Platform family, the Aeras 500 Elite handpiece boasts a cutting performance similar to an electric handpiece but with the familiar lightweight, ergonomic and tactile feel of an air-driven unit.

This future genius is expected to make a huge impact in the dental world with its exclusive patent-pending embedded radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology that unlocks new possibilities for complete practice interconnectivity. When used with a compatible RFID reader system, the Aeras 500 can automatically track handpiece usage, monitor sterilization, and view location at any given moment, reducing the burdens of traditional record keeping and enhancing productivity for the entire staff, especially in large practices.

For its 6-month checkup, several dentists evaluated the Aeras 500 Elite for DPS to measure its performance in a variety of categories, including size, power, and ergonomics. Although the group couldn’t evaluate the RFID technology feature in a 3-week trial, the product evaluation highlights many other advantages to the Aeras 500 Elite Handpiece.

Immediately impressed with the small size and incredible power of the Aeras handpiece, Dr. Stephen Gordon said it was well-designed, with many bells and whistles that make restorative procedures easier for him and more comfortable for his patients.

“The Aeras 500 Elite handpiece is both beautiful and powerful,” said Dr. Gordon, pointing out several of his favorite features, such as the well-designed swivel connector, bright light, and water spray, which he said is sufficient and aimed well. “This handpiece made difficult-to-access teeth easier to prepare due to its small size, and it’s much less costly than electric handpiece repair and replacement.” Dr. Gordon concluded, “For an air-driven handpiece, the Aeras 500 Elite packs quite a punch, close to the much more costly electric handpiece!”

Dr. Gordon recommends that other dentists adopt the Aeras 500 Elite, especially those who may not be able to invest in the higher cost of an electric handpiece. Read the complete product evaluation article here.

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