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Aeras Dental Compressors Exceed Air Quality Standards for Quality

Dual desiccant dryer

As we enter a new normal in practicing dentistry, disinfection, sterility, and protection are center stage. Compressed air is essential in delivering patient care, so you want to know that air entering the operatory is safe. While no one can guarantee 100% safe air, our Aeras compressors do exceed current air quality standards and if you follow our recommended maintenance you can count on them to continuously supply that air to your dental delivery line. That we do guarantee, with the industry’s best warranty!

Air Purity meets Class 2 device standards
Aeras compressors from Ramvac deliver air exceeding Class 1 standards to meet Class 2 purity standards. Our robust equipment design stores air at a very low pressure dew point of -40°C, which prevents harmful bacteria growth and eliminates the need for an antimicrobial tank lining found in comparable systems. Particulates in the air are filtered to 0.01 microns, trapping most airborne bacteria and microbes.

100% Duty Cycle for Continuous Operation
Aeras compressors feature dual-desiccant dryer technology that has made Ramvac an industry leader. This technology allows simultaneous drying of air entering the tank in one column while the other is purging moisture from the chamber. Columns are auto-cycled ensuring a continual supply of clean, dry air to power your practice.
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