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Custom Typodonts for Dental Education

Custom Dental Models for Your Students

Custom typodonts are an essential tool for dental students in their training. These models simulate a patient's mouth and teeth, allowing students to practice procedures and techniques in a safe, controlled environment. The use of custom typodonts helps students gain hands-on experience, build confidence, and develop the manual dexterity required to excel as dentists. By using typodonts that are tailored to specific needs, dental schools can provide a realistic training experience that prepares students for the realities of clinical practice.

Creating Your Custom Dental Model

Our typodonts are available with hard and soft gingiva, teeth with different occlusal relationships and tooth choices including deciduous, mixed or permanent dentitions. And while our off-the-shelf options are impressive, what sets Columbia Dentoform apart are our curriculum-builder models. We partner with you to design and customize your unique model(s) from the ground up according to your curriculum needs. At DENTALEZ, we have the unique ability to take CAD or digitally designed references and rapidly produce 3D-printed custom models for your dental education program.

Start Building Your Custom Typodont

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