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Wednesday, 18 January 2017 14:28

StarDental 2017 1st Half Specials

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We are excited to share with you our 2017 1st Half specials. That’s right- half, not quarter. Save when you buy the following products from StarDental® Instruments through June 30th.

Each handpiece in the 430 Series from StarDental® Instruments features a small head for visibility, and includes ceramic bearing turbines. Available in both LubeFree and lubricated, our exclusive LubeFree handpieces eliminate health risks often associated with residual lubricant expelling into the oral cavity and operatory environment. We offer a full line of 430 high-speed handpieces including the newest member of the StarDental family, the 430 Torque, which delivers 27 watts* of unprecedented power.

Buy 2 high-speed handpieces, get a swivel and turbine free!


Buy 2 high-speed handpieces, get two turbines free!
Choose from our 430, Solara, or Concentrix lines of high-speed handpieces. Includes the 430 Torque!

StarDental® offers the Titan® 3 (stainless steel) the Titan-T (titanium) and the Titan® E (low-speed LubeFree handpiece motor) for innovative LubeFree low-speed performance. Engineered with exceptional balance for superior control, these versatile long-lasting handpieces delivers high performance ranging in speeds from 100-20,000 RPM, which reduces the total number of attachments required for a variety of procedural needs.

Buy a 20K or 5K motor, get two attachments free!
Choose from our Titan-T™, Titan 3®, and Titan E low-speed motors.

Our Titan® Blis-sonic Scalers are portable, air powered sonic scalers that effectively remove hard calculus deposits and stains and offer an ergonomic autoclavable silicone grip with comfortable finger purchase relieves finger fatigue.

The LubeFree Prophy Star® 3 handpiece, at 62 grams, is lighter than any other prophy handpiece, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The Prophy Star offers a convenient speed adjustment of 0 -4,000 rpm in both forward and reverse directions.

 Buy 3 Prophy Star® 3 handpieces, get one free!


Buy 1 Titan® Blis-sonic Scaler, get six tips free!
Tips to choose from: Perio, Universal, Sickle, Right Perio and Left Perio.


The NuTorque® and NuTorque Lite Electric Handpieces from StarDental® Instrument Solutions provide maximum flexibility for virtually any procedure. Programmable controls and interchangeable attachments allow switching from one procedure to the next in an instant. Easily switch from high-speed to low-speed with the touch of a button.

Buy a NuTorque® or NuTorque Lite system with two attachments, get one attachment free!
Choose from our 7 types of NuTorque attachments.

Check out our flyer for redemption details.

 *Dental Advisor Independent Report available upon request.

DentalEZ® recently donated a full shipment of dental supplies and equipment to Project Chimps, a rescue organization dedicated to the lifetime sanctuary care of hundreds of captive chimpanzees. Specifically, DentalEZ donated various dental products, and operatory and utility room equipment to Project Chimps’ new northern Georgia sanctuary including NevinLabs™ steel cabinets, DentalEZ® delivery units and operatory lights, StarDental® handpieces, and RAMVAC vacuums and compressors. The new dental facility will now have all components needed for complete and optimal dental care of the rescued animals.

Peter Volk, Territory Sales Manager for DentalEZ is heading the mission along with Southern Region Manager, Chuck Seeger, and Jason Hodkowski, Senior Institutional Sales Manager. The team is currently working with the company to create the dental facility. “It is interesting because as dental professionals our focus is almost always on our human patients,” remarked Volk. “What most people don’t think about is that all of the animals that they only see on Animal Planet or at the zoo need dental care. Once in a captive environment these animals need to receive all of the preventive care that we humans are accustomed to.”

A recent transfer carried out by Project Chimps prompted the charitable donation by DentalEZ, as well as widespread national attention. Nine chimpanzees once used as research animals at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana were just relocated to the new Project Chimps refuge, hundreds of miles from their former home in a lab where they were used as subjects in biomedical testing.

Workers with the non-profit organization transported all nine animals and now Project Chimps sanctuary, located in Morganton, Georgia, is their new home, a sprawling preserve where over 200 chimps will eventually roam free. The 236-acre sanctuary is located along a temperate rainforest, with rolling hills and a lush, green landscape. In addition to office buildings, a full veterinary clinic, and an upscale kitchen designed by celebrity chef Rachael Ray, there are currently four "villas" that can house 10-15 chimps each, and one larger group building that can house two groups of 10-15 chimps.

“It’s a very rewarding feeling to know that we are providing the medical and dental equipment to chimps that, up to this point, have spent most if not all of their lives in a research laboratory,” continued Volk. “As a DentalEZ representative, it is important that we give back not only to the people in our community, but also to those that do not have a voice. It is our calling as dental professionals to make sure that everyone, both human and animal, are treated with the utmost care and respect.”

In 2015, all chimpanzees were designated an endangered species, marking the end of privately funded research on chimpanzees in the US. Chimps are considered the smartest primate and the closest relatives to humans, which is why the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana has used 220 of them for medical testing.

The opening of the new Project Chimps sanctuary follows a steady shift away from controversial biomedical research on chimpanzees across the country. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) began significantly phasing out its funding of federal research on chimps in 2013, and announced the retirement of its 50 remaining chimpanzees in November 2015.

NIH also ended its research support for chimps but did not own approximately 360 remaining around the US. Now the private institutions that own them, like the New Iberia Research Center, are following suit. However, due to limited space at existing sanctuaries such as Chimp Haven in Louisiana and Save the Chimps in Florida, the creation of new refuges like Project Chimps is crucial.

For more information about Project Chimps, please visit www.projectchimps.org.

For more information about the DentalEZ company and its complete offerings of dental product and equipment solutions, please visit www.dentalez.com.

Thursday, 22 December 2016 15:57

Update Regarding Ruling on Amalgam Separation

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As many of you know, December was supposed to be a critical month for the future of amalgam separation. On December 15th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) communicated a final ruling under the Clean Water Act mandating “specific pretreatment standards to control discharges into publicly owned treatment works.” The new ruling requires dental facilities that are involved with either the placement or removal of dental amalgam to control amalgam waste through the use of ISO 11143-certified amalgam separators.

This ruling will be effective 30 days after it is published in the Federal Register, and the compliance date for dental practices will be in three years, the end of 2019.

It also states that a dental facility that places or removes amalgam is subjected to two best management practices to collect and recycle scrap amalgam and clean the chairside traps with non-chlorine cleanser.


To read more about the EPA ruling, visit this site:


What does this new ruling mean for DentalEZ customers?

We have a solution for this problem! The Hg5 amalgam separator that we currently offer is ISO 11143:2008 certified at greater than 99% removal efficiency.

If you want to learn more about our Hg5 Amalgam Separator, you can request the literature here.

Join Dr. Harvey Levy as he presents 2 new live CE webinars with DentalEZLearning.com this month.

The first webinar, Multi-purpose Intraoral Light for Dental and Oral Cancer Exams, takes place Tuesday, December 20th at 7:00 PM (4:00 PM PST), features the Identafi® Oral Cancer Screening Handpiece from StarDental Instruments.

This CE webinar will describe and demonstrate a long-handle multipurpose tool that utilizes amber and violet intraoral light to reveal increased vascularization in the mouth, whereby oral cancers can be differentiated from normal oral tissue. Its white light detects enamel crazes and fractures. Its intraoral light and disposable mirror retract the cheek allowing an easy oral exam in the dental operatory or off-site.   

Upon completion of this webinar, participants should be able to:
• use the white light to detect enamel fractures
• use the amber and violet light to differentiate normal from abnormal oral mucosa
• retract the cheek and perform a full oral exam with no external lighting 

The second webinar, Operatory Chairs that Make Any Operatory Wheelchair and Gurney Accessible, takes place Wednesday, December 21st at 7:00 PM (4:00 PM PST), features DentalEZ NuSimplicity™ Chairs that use our exclusive Air Glide technology.

This webinar details how the average dental operatory cannot comfortably handle a wheelchair with the fixed operatory chair as an obstacle. This is a barrier to dental care for millions of patients in wheelchairs and gurneys (W&G). Such patients deserve the equal opportunity to sit or lie comfortably while dental work is performed on them. This CE webinar will illustrate how movable operatory chairs glide to the side of the room to allow wheelchairs to be rolled right next to them, facilitating easy patient transfer into the operatory chair.

Upon completion of this CE webinar, participants should be able to:
• use one hand to glide an operatory chair to the side of the room, making plenty of space for a  wheelchair;
• learn how to slide a wheelchair alongside the operatory chair for easy patient transfer;
• appreciate how a patient can comfortably be treated in a gurney after the operatory chair is moved aside in seconds.

DentalEZ is pleased to host both CE webinars. If you’d like to sign up now, registration for the webinars is now open.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 11:24

Greater New York 2016 Dental Meeting Kicks off!

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The Greater New York Dental Meeting is upon us! After hosting over 54,486 attendees and over 350 scientific programs Nov 26th to Nov 30th 2016, it is once again shaping up to be one of the biggest tradeshows of the year. The show will take place at the Jacob K. Javits convention center, where dental professionals from around the country will congregate to see the latest and greatest advancements in the industry.

Along with educational opportunities, the exhibit floor is one of the biggest draws to the show. With over 700 exhibitors on the showroom floor, visitors can see and touch products for every aspect of the industry. Among those exhibits will be the DentalEZ Integrated Solutions booth, where products from RAMVAC®, StarDental®, Columbia Dentoform® and DentalEZ® Equipment will be on display.

DentalEZ introduced 2 new products this year. Have you seen the 430 Torque high-speed handpiece and the Badger LF dry vacuum?

Come visit DentalEZ in booth 3409 for product details & promotions. Our products will also be featured around the convention center, including the iStar Prophy Handpiece in the New Product Glass Classroom and the 430 Torque LubeFree Handpiece in the New Product and Technology Pavilion. We hope to see you at GNY!

Dr. Gordon J Christensen, a well-known and respected Prosthodontist, started the CR Foundation®, a non-profit entity, in 1976. This Foundation publishes Clinicians Report®. The idea behind CR was to fully evaluate new dental products for usefulness and effectiveness, to attempt to avoid clinical mishaps, and to assist dental professionals in making more informed decisions when purchasing new products.  Over the last 40 years, the Clinicians Report has gained respect and notoriety for the accurate and detailed information of the dental products that it has evaluated.  Much in the same way that the Clinicians Report publication educates clinicians, the CR Foundation also offers multiple CE courses every year.

The October 2016 issue of Clinicians Report contains an article about studies and that bring to light reported issues among dental professionals’ use of lubricated handpieces. These studies looked into the effects of lubricant oil spray on many different types of dental treatments, and how it interferes with dental bonding, sterilization, and how it can contaminate surgical areas. The article also recommends solutions for avoiding oil contamination, including use of non-lubricated handpieces to completely eliminate any chance of oil contamination.

The report states: “Lubricated handpieces and attachments expel oil onto oral surfaces during use and potentially interfere with restoring materials and contaminate surgical sites. Oil contamination can be eliminated using lube-free handpieces.”

StarDental® Instruments was the first, and is the leading manufacturer of dental handpieces which do not require lubrication. Our LubeFree line is a great way to eliminate any chance of oil contamination. Plus you can save hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs. StarDental offers many High-Speed, Low-Speed and Hygiene Handpieces that do not require lubrication. Click on the link below to learn more about these LubeFree products.

StarDental® LubeFree High-Speed Handpieces

StarDental® LubeFree Low-Speed Handpieces

StarDental® LubeFree Prophy Star® 3 Hygiene Handpiece

The report is available here.





Wednesday, 05 October 2016 15:40

Beyond the J-Chair

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With the J-Family of chairs ending its era, the NuSimplicity will headline the DentalEZ Equipment line-up. Launched in 2013, the ergonomic design of the NuSimplicity provides unparalleled features that allow the dental professional to freely maneuver while keeping patients calm and relaxed with its comfortable design. The narrow tapered chair back allows the patient to be reclined close to the operator’s knees, eliminating problematic reaching and twisting, and providing optimum access to the oral cavity. The base plate design of the NuSimplicity allows closer placement of operator stools to provide superior access to the patient. 

Dual location touch pad controls are conveniently located on both sides of the upper backrest providing dental professionals easy access without the need to stretch or reach. Dual touch pad controls come standard with the option to add a wireless foot control, unit-mounted touch pad or remote wireless touch pad.

In addition, the NuSimplicity is simple to operate and has advanced features while remaining economical and affordable:

  • Simple chair controls include auto return, last position, 3 preset controls and manual settings
  • Durable armrests drop down on both sides allowing easy patient entry and exit
  • Wide cantilever base design provides easy routing of tubing and wires, while the slim profile provides a clean and uncluttered environment
  • Optional air glide feature can be added to the chair

The NuSimplicity is quiet and has smooth hydraulic movements that help keep the dental professional focused and patients more relaxed. It has 60 degrees of rotation, and height flexibility from 15” to 35.5” to accommodate both sit-down and stand-up dentistry and ensure comfort for dentists of any stature.

An amazing feature that the NuSimplicity chair has is the DentalEZ exclusive air glide. It gives you the ability to move the chair with the patient seated with only the touch of a finger! No other chair in the industry has this versatility. For more information on the NuSimplicity and all DentalEZ offerings, please call 866-DTE-INFO or visit www.DentalEZ.com/Nu to request a demo.

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Kids Smiles, a non-profit children’s oral health care organization, is honored to have received $20,000 worth of dental equipment from dental manufacturer DentalEZ Integrated Solutions. The equipment is a major contribution enabling Kids Smiles to provide oral health care to children in Ward 4 who have limited access to care.

“We are honored to contribute DentalEZ equipment to such a vital organization as Kids Smiles,” commented DentalEZ President & COO Heather Trombley. “Their work in providing oral health care to children who otherwise would go without ties in nicely with the DentalEZ core values and our vision to be a vibrant, trusted and integral partner in support of oral health and overall health.”

DentalEZ owner Jeffrey Perelman has been a dedicated supporter of Kids Smiles since the opening of its flagship dental center in Southwest Philadelphia in 2001, providing vital financial and equipment donations that has enabled Kids Smiles to fulfill its mission and expand its services and programs. In 2010, support from DentalEZ helped Kids Smiles open a dental center in Ward 7 of Washington, DC which has treated nearly 5,000 under-served children since opening. This spring DentalEZ continued its support of Kids Smiles’ growth through generous contributions to Kids Smiles’ second DC dental center which will begin treating children at 6143 Georgia Avenue, NW in Ward 4.

“The impact of DentalEZ’s ongoing commitment to Kids Smiles over the past sixteen years has been immeasurable,” said Kids Smiles CEO Cheryl Janssen. “Their support has been essential to our ability to provide comprehensive dental care and education to over 67,000 children in Philadelphia and DC. We are extremely grateful for everything DentalEZ, and Jeffrey Perelman and his team, have contributed to Kids Smiles and the communities we serve.”

For more information, visit www.kidssmiles.org.

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 15:19

DentalEZ at CDA San Francisco

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DentalEZ is hard at work with CDA San Francisco kicking off this week. Starting Thursday, the dental industries finest will be showcasing the latest products and services on the market. DentalEZ will be showcasing a few new products of our own. The 430 Torque, the newest handpiece from StarDental, will be available for demo, as well as the new LubeFree vacuum from RAMVAC, the Badger LF. 

The 430 Torque offers 27 watts of power – feel the difference! An independent test by The Dental Advisor shows the 430 Torque has the highest watts of power, of the handpieces tested, at 27 watts* and maximum power output. The double bucket rotor design and dual air control maximizes airflow to the turbine, allowing the 430 Torque to deliver powerful performance for every procedure. Read more about the 430 Torque here.

The Badger LF is an efficient, powerful LubeFree dry vacuum system that is perfect for brand-new dental offices, or that easily replaces traditional water ring pumps or aging dry vacuum units. Designed for single or multiple users, the Badger LF is flexible and compact, and effortlessly connects to pre-existing plumbing, making installation a breeze. The tank and control unit are directly integrated into the Badger LF system, resulting in a small, space-saving design. Read more about the Badger LF here.

DentalEZ will be located at booth #1226, so be sure to stop by!

*Yapp, R, Cowen, M, Powers, J. (2016). Handpiece Torque vs. Speed Performance (Rep.). Anne Arbor, MI: The Dental Advisor Microbiology Research Center. On file with StarDental.

Thursday, 01 September 2016 15:00

Remembering Randy Arner

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It is with deepest sadness that the DentalEZ family informs you that Randy Arner (nee Horowitz), former Vice President of Marketing for DentalEZ, passed away early Wednesday morning August 31. Randy was the Vice President of Marketing for DentalEZ for 14 years. Randy had been fighting cancer at the time she left DentalEZ two years ago, and unfortunately her battle never really stopped. We will always remember Randy as the epitome of intelligence, passion and elegance. We offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends. 

Randy Arner was a dedicated and visionary marketer, not just for DentalEZ, but also for the entire dental industry. She was the embodiment of what a true leader should be, as well as a mentor and role model to so many.

Her forward-thinking initiatives in web- and email-based content marketing were firsts in the industry, and way ahead of their time. Willing to use a pioneering combination of artistry and calculated, yet daring marketing grounded in conceptual brilliance, Randy was a risk-taker with pioneering thoughts and ideas that engaged audiences on a global scale. Her idea for “Funny Dental Videos” went viral within weeks—a dental industry first—and solidified the fact that internet-based content marketing would not only work in dental, but would pave the way for countless other companies to follow.

With the creation of the groundbreaking weekly video variety program called “The DEZiree Show,” Randy’s brilliant mind and mentoring spirit helped influence and inspire dental hygienists to be their very best every day, and to make every new day better than the one before. Her interactive marketing initiative called “MOHA”—the Museum of Handpiece Art—challenged dentists and hygienists to use the tools of their trade to not only brighten patients’ teeth, but also to brighten their lives.

Below are two interviews conducted with Randy while she was employed with DentalEZ.
DentisryIQ - Women in VP and Director Positions
DentalAegis - Interview with Randy Arner