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Thursday, 17 October 2019 11:18

When you expect more!

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When you expect more, go with StarDental's 430 Torque High-Speed Handpieces and 430 Torque Flex Handpieces.  With industry leading watts of power, the high torque provides the ability to cut through any surface. The small head design promotes superior accessibility and visibility, and there are options to fit the needs of any practice. BUY five (5) 430 Torque or 430 Torque Flex handpieces / GET five (5) free now through December 31st.

We are pleased to launch our new Fusion Equipment Package from Forest Dental. The Fusion equipment package emerges from the synthesis of two great brands, Forest Dental Equipment and DentalEZ® Equipment. The Fusion Package combines high quality electronics, hydraulics, bearings and surface treatments while staying focused on the elements of design and affordability. Visit ForestDental.com for information on Fusion Equipment.

The Fusion Operatory Package consists of a patient chair, dental unit, and light and is offered in both Pivot and Fixed with Sidebox Configurations. “We focus on the details, just as a dentist does.” notes Molly McKenzie, Director of Sales and Marketing for Forest Dental. “Our gap tolerances, fit and finish all provide our customers with a great look, design, unmatched quality and a great price point.”

Forest Dental was acquired by DentalEZ Integrated Solutions in late 2018. Forest continues to operate and manufacture equipment from their Hillsboro, Oregon location, including the new Fusion package. Forest has been an industry growth leader with extra attention to detail and quality, from tight tolerances between parts to durable finishes and metal components for maximum value. Visit ForestDental.com to learn more about Fusion Operatory Packages and Forest Dental’s full line of operatory equipment.

RAMVAC Compressors: Performance Optimized for In-office Milling
High-Pressure Ospreys offer the flexibility you need

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our RAMVAC Osprey Smart Compressors. RAMVAC now makes it simple and easy to convert an Osprey Smart Compressor from standard to high-pressure whenever needed with a push of a button on the on-board control system. With the high-pressure ranges needed to run a milling machine, our SMART model Osprey compressors can help, allowing the compressor to sustain and deliver consistent high-pressure in the range of 105-130 PSI. 

Lindsay Viola, Senior Product Manager for Equipment and Utility, noted that “knowing consistency in pressure delivery can be critical to the proper operation of many in-office milling machines, we are committed to solving challenges like this as more offices embrace technology to benefit their patients. What’s even more exciting is doing this in a way that makes it easy for our customers, all within our on-board smart control.” We opted for an integrated approach in delivering a new level of performance that requires no additional kits or part changes at the installation, making this a seamless choice. 

All Osprey Smart compressors shipping from our manufacturing plant now include this feature. Ask your local PSA representative for a demonstration.