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Thursday, 10 October 2019 14:15

DentalEZ Donates: Montana Dental Outreach Teams Featured

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DentalEZ® is happy to share our support for the Montana Dental Outreach Teams (MDOT). We are very proud of what MDOT has accomplished and are honored to have assisted this cause over the years by donating dental handpieces to the team for use in the field.

MDOT was in Lucia Island January 4th-19th, 2019 and Ghana March 8th-17th, 2019. This project impacted 500-600 patients who needed teeth to be pulled, cleaned, filled, and medical attention from nurses and physical therapist, many of whom have never seen a dentist or physical therapist before.

Dr. Robert Thomas Bartoletti, MDOT Founder, lists the objectives of his foundation as:

To be a true and genuine help for other humans in need, bringing real hope and to making a difference in people’s lives.
To provide free quality dental care to people who are in need.
To provide students with the opportunity to help children, youth, elderly, homeless people, single mothers, and in general less fortunate human beings. 
Offers students the chance to improve understanding of different cultures and languages!

Read the story about their most recent trip and learn more about Montana Dental Outreach Teams by visiting their website.

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