DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions

Your DSO Partner!

Dental Associates has recently focused on expansion and modernization of our facilities in Wisconsin. Over the last few years, we have either built or remodeled over 140,000 square feet of space, adding 280 new operatories to serve our growing patient base. To achieve the high standards we demand with rapid construction schedules, we partner with DentalEZ to produce and install our operatory and utility equipment. The team at DentalEZ understands our needs, and consistently delivers high-quality products. From custom design solutions to servicing installed equipment, they have performed professionally and efficiently to ensure we can continue to offer the very best in dental care.

Mark Demsky, AIA
Architect, Dental Associates

Sage Dental has been partnered with DentalEZ for the last 12 years. DentalEZ has supplied our last 42 Denovo offices with dental chair packages, handpieces, plus additional small equipment. Since my earliest involvement with opening our Denovo offices and working with DentalEZ, there has been support to help assist with successful openings. Sage Dental’s partnership with DentalEZ is exemplary of the model to which we would like all dealers to aspire.

Sage Dental

DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions switched to DentalEZ products in 2015 and has installed DentalEZ equipment in more than 15 locations since. DentalEZ is easy to work with, is able to keep up with our fast-paced demand, and delivers products as-ordered and on-time. Customer support is easy to reach and is able to answer any questions we come up with. We have been very pleased with the quality and dependability of DentalEZ products and regularly recommend them to others.

Will Sharpe
DDS Dentures + Implant Solutions

DentalEZ understands that today’s Dental Service Organization (DSO) must meet the challenging requirements of productivity and outstanding clinical outcomes while at the same time managing large teams and ensuring cost effective care – a daunting task and more difficult than for a traditional private dental practice. In order to meet those challenges, DSOs require dedicated support from their industry partners.

Therefore, to support Dental Service Organizations, we have created a Strategic Account Management (SAM) Team specifically for DSO’s. Our SAM team is comprised of seasoned, dedicated leaders that will provide a direct point of contact and a higher level of service for all DSO needs. The SAM team is always available to work with your business to tailor solutions to meet your specific goals. The result is faster responses, better solutions, and more reliable service, no matter the challenge.

Over the past decade we have partnered with DSO’s including Aspen Dental, Dental Associates, Sage Dental, Dentures & Dentists, Smiles West and many others to provide better product and service solutions. We are fully able to do the same for your group practice.

DentalEZ is committed to providing practical solutions to everyday challenges in oral healthcare. We offer a range of innovative, value-based products that bring greater simplicity and efficiency to the dental practice including dental chairs, dental handpieces & utility room equipment.