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3800/Fusion Upholstery Color Options

Hover over any color to see chair package in that upholstery color,
or click on the caption to open the image in a separate window.
Right click image to save.

Contact a DSXe sales rep to help design your operatory space.

Naugahyde - Black

Naugahyde - Sand

Naugahyde - Cocoa

Naugahyde - Taupe

Naugahyde - Deep Sapphire

Naugahyde - Saddle

Upgrade to Ultraleather!

Ultraleather - Autumn Leaf

Ultraleather - Diplomat Blue

Ultraleather - Parrot

Ultraleather Pearlized - Midnight

Ultraleather Pearlized - Tin Man

Ultraleather - Baltic

Ultraleather - Doe

Ultraleather - Raven Wing

Ultraleather Pearlized - Oz

Ultraleather - Boysenberry

Ultraleather - Dove Grey

Ultraleather - St John

Ultraleather Pearlized - Pewter

Ultraleather - Charcoal

Ultraleather - Papyrus

Ultraleather - Stone

Ultraleather Pearlized - Pharoah