Handpiece technicians report that ignoring regular, recommended maintenance is the No. 1 reason dental teams experience problems with their handpieces - let StarDental help!



Maintenance Products


For maintenance of high-speed handpiece chucking mechanisms, use once a week.


DentaLube II

Use for: Solara Lubricated & 430 SWL Lubricated.


Handpiece Lubricant

Flex adapter for: Solara L Flex, Solara L FlexPlus, 430 SWL Flex Lubricated.


Handpiece Maintenance Kit

Make maintaining and repairing your StarDental® products simple and easy.


Download free handpiece maintenance checklists:

icon High-Speed Maintenance

icon Low-Speed Angle Maintenance

icon Low-Speed Motor & Attachment Maintenance

icon Hygiene Maintenance