ErgoSure™ Stools

DentalEZ® has evaluated all the components of the dental stools and how they are used by the dental professional to create the ErgoSure™ Stool Line that ensures the best ergonomic position for you!

  • Tilt seat from 0-15 degrees allows for better blood flow
  • Broad caster base and five casters to improve stability during position changes
  • Complete mobility to allow movement around the patient’s head, minimizing stressful positions
  • Easy height adjustment allowing relaxed positions for multiple operators while maintaining visual access to the oral cavity
  • “Integral non-slip skin-foam technology” that is easy to disinfect and fluid-proof
  • Available in gray or black
  • The backrest features an adjustable lumbar support and can be adjusted up or down while seated using one hand (standard on operator, optional on assistant)
  • Side body support on assistant stools to allow comfortable, stable positioning during activities such as suctioning or retracting (assistant)
  • The DentalEZ system approach can eliminate Class IV and V movements for optimum ergonomic benefit
Ergonomic Adjustments
  • Seat Mechanism - 3 Controls
  • Height adjustment
  • Adjustable tilt seat
  • Back-in and out adjustment (standard on operator, optional on assistant)

3 Cylinder Heights (medium standard)
Short Cylinder Option, 16.5" - 21.5"
Medium Cylinder Option, 23" - 28" (standard operator)
Tall Cylinder Option 24.5" - 33.5" (standard assistant)