StarDental Customer Service

1816 Colonial Village Lane
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: (717) 291-1161
Fax: (717) 291-5699
Customer Service: (866) DTE-INFO, Opt. 2

What is the procedure to send in a StarDental repair?

Call customer service at 866-383-4636, option 2 and request a prepaid label. We can either fax a label to tape on a box or mail a prepaid label/box to you. UPS can pick it up at your office or you can drop into a UPS box. Product repair billing can be processed through your dealer of choice.

Name Position Phone
Marcia Simeral Customer Service Manager (866) 383-4636 EXT. 4349
Dennis Miller Customer Service Representative (866) 383-4636 EXT. 4320
Amber Albright Customer Service Representative (866) 383-4636 EXT. 4363
Deana Eberly Customer Service Manager 18002935206 ext4349
Tria Daily Customer Service Representative 18002935206 Ext4376
Angela Blazer Customer Service Representative 18002935206 ext4393