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Tuesday, 08 December 2015 16:29

Greater New York Dental Meeting Recap

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Every year, the week after Thanksgiving is home to the Greater New York Dental Meeting – an event that annually ushers in over 50,000 attendees looking to educate themselves in the latest products and developments in the industry.

DentalEZ® was proud to announce the introduction of a cordless prophy handpiece that enables users to select the disposable angle of their choice. Known as the iStar, this new StarDental® Instrument Solution was a focal point at the DentalEZ® booth.

That wasn’t the only new product garnering some attention in booth 3409 last week. We also pulled back the curtain on our Ortho Cart, a new cabinet designed specifically with the ergonomic needs of an orthodontic practice in mind. The cabinet houses a delivery unit that can accommodate both doctor and assistant instrumentation.

DentalEZ Senior Equipment Product Manager Aggie Pennington, showing off the Ortho Cart, met with editors from many dental publications to explain the features and benefits of both new products. 

Each year, the ADAA sponsors Roundtable events – a showcase within the GNY meeting in which products are shown and discussed. This year, we presented ergonomics in team seating using one of our Generation Assistant’s stools. We held a raffle for the stool at the event, and we would like to congratulate our lucky winner – Ms. Mandisa Stephens!

The GNY show is always an exciting event, and 2015 was no exception. To all those who attended the show, what did you enjoy most about the event?


Special $100 Discount for all Purchases Through January 2016

Malvern, PA (November 30, 2015) – DentalEZ®, a supplier of integrated products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, is pleased to introduce the StarDental® iStar Cordless Prophy Handpiece. Designed to make dental hygiene procedures fast and easy, the iStar is the first true cordless prophy handpiece that allows full freedom of movement and freedom for each dental professional to choose his or her preferred disposable angle.


The lightweight, well-balanced, cordless design of the iStar is ergonomically designed for optimum freedom of movement and comfortable use. Free of extraneous handpiece tubing, the iStar relieves wrist stress caused by cord drag while providing superior accessibility with less effort to posterior regions during prophylaxis procedures. Moreover, the need for a foot pedal is eliminated, freeing the user of extra operatory obstacles. The iStar also comes with a storable charger and 100 disposable sleeves.


With the highest torque (2.0 Ncm) of any cordless prophy handpiece currently available, the iStar is equipped with consistent steadfast power comparable to air-driven handpieces. The unwavering stable rotation provides reliable and comfortable operation for fast, effective dental hygiene procedures.


Operated by an easily accessed single multi-function button, the iStar offers multiple speed settings. A 5-speed control of 500 – 2,500 rotations per minute allows for numerous procedures to be performed from tooth polishing to treatment with seamless automatic speed adjustment, with a battery that delivers 3 continuous hours of use.


The required disposable sleeves are custom fit to the iStar, available now and packaged in boxes of 500. The iStar carries a 1 year limited warranty on system and 3 year limited warranty on battery.


Special Notice: Dental professionals who purchase the iStar between now and January 31st, 2016 will receive a special discounted rate of $100 off retail cost.


For more information about the new iStar cordless prophy handpiece, please visit www.dentalez.com/istar


About DentalEZ®

DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions is committed to advancing the practice of dentistry through fully integrated products and services. Encompassing five distinct product categories—StarDental®, DentalEZ®, RAMVAC®,NevinLabs, and Columbia Dentoform®—DentalEZ® manufactures everything in the operatory, from handpieces to chairs to vacuum systems to dental simulation models, creating a complete line of products to elevate the health, comfort, and efficiency of the dental operatory. For more information, please visit www.dentalez.com

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 08:22

Greater New York Dental Meeting Kickoff

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The Greater New York Dental Meeting is finally upon us! After hosting over 53,000 attendees and over 1,500 technical exhibits in 2014, it is once again shaping up to be one of the biggest tradeshows of the year. The show will begin on November 29th and run until December 2nd at the Jacob K. Javits convention center, where dental professionals from around the country will congregate to see the latest and greatest advancements in the industry. DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions will not only be in attendance, but also has a few surprises planned in the form of some big new product releases.

The GNY show celebrates advancements in the dental industry, which includes promoting the education of its professionals. That means a unique opportunity to attend a number of seminars, workshops and even a live patient demonstration area. And, since the Greater New York show is the only major dental meeting with no pre-registration fee, you can expect plenty of professionals to take advantage of the show’s unique educational opportunities.

Along with the educational opportunities, the exhibit floor is one of the biggest draws to the show. With over 600 exhibitors on the showroom floor, visitors can see and touch products for every aspect of the industry. Among those exhibits will be the DentalEZ booth, where products from RAMVAC®, StarDental®, Columbia Dentoform® and NevinLabs™ will be on display. The booth will also include 4 full operatory setups (similar to the one pictured below) and 2 utility room configurations, making it a great place to visit to configure major parts of your practice.



Come visit DentalEZ in booth 3409 and take a closer look. Stop by and get the details on the new products we’re bringing to the show – we hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015 11:23

Upcoming Live CE Webinars!

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DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions is proud to present these two live webinars within the coming weeks! These webinars are good for 1 CE Credit each, which will be awarded to participants after completing a brief exam on the contents of the webinar. Details on the webinars are below:

  • “Dentistry and the Cancer Patient: How to treat and Manage the Oral Sequelae of Cancer Therapies” – 11/23/2015 at 8:15pm EST – Presented by Dr. Lauren Levi

Dr. Levi’s webinar will provide clinicians with the necessary tools to treat the dental patient undergoing head and neck radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It will focus on dental oncologic issues such as the pathophysiology and management of osteonecrosis of the jaw along with the oral and dental sequel associated with head and neck radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

  • “No Strings Attached: Living in a Cordless World” – 12/2/2015 at 8:15pm EST – Presented by Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

As a registered dental hygienist, Patti DiGangi will teach webinar attendees about their options when it comes to polishing. Participants will leave with an understanding of the difference between selective polishing and essential selective polishing, as well as knowledge of the different available current polishing options.

Both webinars are available for signup on DentalEZ Learning at www.dentalezlearning.com. Be sure to read the webinar instructions page on the site for full details!


Controlling the mechanical equipment in your practice can be as easy as flipping a light switch. DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions offers the OWL Touch™, a RAMVAC® Utility Solution that is designed to control your utility room equipment as well as auxiliary devices from a single location with ease. Imagine pushing a button to turn on your vacuum, compressor, water valve, lighting, and even stereo just by pushing a button.


The OWL Touch also features a schedule option so that your equipment turns on and off on a predetermined schedule. Coordinate the activation and shutdown timing with your hours of operation and you won’t have to worry about starting up or shutting down your equipment on a daily basis. Users can elect to use the manual mode and activate the controlled equipment themselves, or simply save a weekly schedule and allow the control to be automated.

It is extremely easy to use – try our online demo and see for yourself! The demo mimics the interface itself, so you can get a feel for exactly how you would control your practice using the OWL Touch.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Friday, 06 November 2015 08:28

ADA Annual Meeting Underway

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The American Dental Association's annual meeting kicked off yesterday, November 5th in our nation’s capital! As it is one of the largest annual tradeshows in the dental industry, the ADA show will provide an excellent opportunity for those looking to further their education in the industry. With over 300 CE courses in total, there are plenty of skills to be learned in Washington.

Among those featured at the show will be a seminar and a workshop by Dr. Harvey Levy on November 5th and 6th respectively, with the main focus being on working with anxious and special needs patients, including how our air glide feature on chairs can help. Check out our recent blog entry on Dr. Levy’s seminar schedule for more details.

With so much to see at ADA this year, you might want to consider building your own personal course schedule using the ADA’s mobile app for the 2015 meeting. The app will also keep you up to date on any news or information regarding the conference as well as help you find your way around the exhibit hall and connect with exhibitors.

While navigating the showroom floor, be sure to stop by the DentalEZ booth, #521. Featured at the booth will be DentalEZ chairs and equipment, such as the NuSimplicity™ chair and the workflow optimized NextGen® Sterilization Center, shown below:


Also on display will be a multitude of StarDental® Instruments, RAMVAC® Utility Solutions, Columbia Dentoform® Teaching Solutions and even a NevinLabs™ Work Station.

Don’t forget to ask about our specials, this is a great time to save on the full DentalEZ product line!


DentalEZ® is a proud sponsor of Dr. Harvey Levy, a well practiced physician with expertise in treating anxious or special needs patients. Dr. Levy’s workshops and seminars are geared towards providing practitioners multiple methods of treating these types of patients easily and without causing harm to the patient.

His schedule for the remainder of 2015 is below:

  • November 5th – “Why treat Anxious, Difficult Patients?” – Washington, DC
    • 3 hour lecture with demo, sponsored by the ADA
  • November 6th – “Embracing Anxious and Special Needs Patients” – Washington, DC
    • 3 hour hands-on workshop, sponsored by the ADA – held in both the morning and afternoon
  • November 13th – “Special Needs Patients in USA and Russia: A Panel Discussion” – New York, NY
    • Sponsored by the Alpha Omega and the Russian-American Dental Associations, Building Bridges Conference
  • December 11th – “Successful Management of Anxious and Special-Needs Patients” – Augusta, ME
    • 6 hour participation course, sponsored by the Maine Dental Association


The November 5th and 6th events take place at the ADA show, and DentalEZ will be in attendance. If you’re interested in attending one of these events, you can find more details and contact information to sign up on Dr. Levy’s website.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 14:37

DSOs Under Scrutiny: Warranted, or not?

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Dental service organizations, aka DSOs, are under frequent attack and scrutiny as of late, per an article by GroupDentistryNow.com. The article is geared towards creating awareness of the negative press that these DSOs are receiving, despite that in many cases not only is it unwarranted, but they may be good for the industry and the community they serve as well.

With the introduction of a DSO into an area, solo practices have to change the way they run their business, including changing their operating hours and marketing practices. While they may not necessarily like seeing large competition jump into their marketplace, many of these DSOs open practices in underserved communities, which helps to provide the regional market with the service they need.

The DSOs are also frequently depicted as not providing the same quality of service that solo practices provide. In many cases that’s true due to the significantly higher volume of patients. However, these larger practices have more budget to spend on newer and better dental technologies, which in many ways makes up for that fact. GroupDentistryNow.com points out that due to those factors among others, the negative press DSOs receive may not only be unwarranted, but the solo practices might even benefit from taking a page from their book.

For more information, check out the full article at www.groupdentistrynow.com/the-attack-on-dsos/


What do you think about this issue? Let us know your thoughts!

Wednesday, 14 October 2015 08:58

Benco Dental Showroom Grand Opening

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Benco Dental, the largest privately owned dental distribution company in the US, opened its newest showroom in Flower Mound, TX on Thursday, October 8th.  Members of the community and city officials were invited to join the ribbon cutting ceremony for the newest of its 3 Destination CenterPoint showrooms. The Flower Mound showroom will allow Benco Dental to bring the largest selection of dental equipment and technology to the lower Midwest to date.

Some of Benco’s manufacturers were also in attendance to check out the layout of the showroom, including a few members of our DentalEZ Integrated Solutions team. The showroom consists of a multitude of fully equipped dental operatories displaying a wide range of products from each manufacturer. DentalEZ, as one of Benco’s manufacturers, has an operatory featuring the NuSimplicity chair as well as a unit, light, and cabinetry.

The grand opening marks the 3rd Destination CenterPoint showroom location Benco Dental has in the United States, joining similar showrooms already open in Pennsylvania and southern California. These Destination CenterPoint showrooms feature a hands-on design experience with the intent of helping dentists design (or redesign) their practice. The showroom is also equipped with a 135,000 square foot distribution center on premise to house the equipment needed to fulfill the needs of practitioners in the region. 

Thanks to Benco for including us in this exciting event!


Friday, 09 October 2015 08:39

EverLight®: A more effective operatory light

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Lighting is essential for a dental practice to provide proper patient care. The issue with illuminating the oral cavity is that different procedures require different lighting intensities and lighting angles. DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions addresses this problem with the EverLight®, a product designed to have 3 different procedural and intensity settings to make life easier for practitioners.

If frequently needing to adjust the position of your operatory lighting distracts you from your work, you are the exact person DentalEZ had in mind when creating this product. This LED operatory light was designed to prevent shadows and therefore minimize the adjustments required during a procedure. The end result is up to a 20% increase in productivity!

There are many more reasons to consider changing your operatory lighting over to the LED based EverLight. For example, the EverLight is a much more energy efficient means of operatory lighting versus Halogen lights, using less than 35 watts of energy. Less energy means less heat, which means there are no fans or reflectors needed – and you don’t have to worry about burning your fingers just while making an adjustment.

You can find more examples of EverLight benefits in the product brochure. If you’re either looking to replace your current lighting or constructing a new operatory, download the brochure now and see for yourself how the EverLight can benefit your practice, then contact your local sales rep.



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