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Friday, 18 December 2009 07:00

Inspiring Hygienist Story

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As we approach the holiday season, it’s typically the time of year that brings thoughts of charity and giving back. The November issue of RDH Magazine features one hygienist who is doing just that. In an inspirational article, “When there's just not enough: Helping the homeless”, Anne N. Guignon, RDH, MPH, details how she is making a big difference in her community. Anne started a project called “Just Add Water,” which supplies personal hygiene kits to men, women, and children living on the streets. The full article describes why she realized the need for such a project, and how it developed into the success it is today, years after its inception! Thanks to monetary and product donations from dental manufactures and dental professionals,  hygiene supplies started rolling in. Currently, “Just Add Water” provides 250 hygiene kits a month to those in need. Each kit provides items such as: soap, shampoo, combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wash cloths, body lotion, and razors. Donations are what keeps this program going. If you are looking for a way to give back this holiday season, contributions as simple as an 18 pack of washcloths from Wal-Mart for $4, or a bulk order of black combs for $65, makes giving back simple and affordable. If you would like more information on how you can contribute, please contact Anne N. Guignon. Have you found a way to give back in your community? If so, share your stories with us!
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 05:00

LubeFree™: 5 Reasons to Buy

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High-SpeedGroup The high-speed handpiece is a necessary and important investment for your practice.  What do you consider when purchasing a high-speed: high torque, lightweight, fiber-optics, durability? These are all important factors that come into play…but what about LubeFree™ vs. lubricated handpieces? I wanted to take a minute and bring to light the many benefits of purchasing a LubeFree handpiece. Here are 5 good reasons to consider switching to LubeFree if you haven’t already: 1.  Cost savings - Lubrication can be messy and impose additional costs to your practice. 2.  Time savings - Lubricating, cleaning the oil, and purging the handpiece takes time, and lost time adds up to lost money. 3.  Eliminates health risks associated with residual lubricant expelling into the oral cavity. 4.  Reduces composite retention failures, none of us wants to have to re-do a patients dental work. 5.  No sticky residue to cause the handpiece or turbines to stall or malfunction. So given the option of a virtually maintenance free handpiece, why not save yourself  time and money and reduce the messiness and contamination of lubrication. StarDental® offers a full line of hassle-free LubeFree handpieces. And with 14 models to choose from, StarDental has something for everyone. For more information, visit our website.
Monday, 14 December 2009 06:00

Women in Dentistry

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aawd_logo DentalEZ® Group is a long-time proud sponsor of the American Association of Women Dentists (A.A.W.D), and in this month’s November/December issue of Inside Dentistry, the publication features an informative supplement on the growing organization. Some features in the supplement include:
  • Women Advancing Dentistry: a history of A.A.W.D and women in dentistry
  • Smiles for Success: information on the charitable arm of A.A.W.D
  • Member Benefits: news, annual meeting update, scholarships and awards, discounts and special offers, and connecting with women dentists all over the U.S
  • Actual members and their personal stories
More and more women are graduating dental school today, which is why it is important for you too to have a connection with women dental professionals -  A.A.W.D provides just that. To read full supplement, click here. To find out more on American Association of Women Dentists and how you can join the organization, go to www.aawd.org.
Thursday, 10 December 2009 21:00

Happy Hanukkah Wishes

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Menorah Happy Hanukkah! The festival of lights is here!  We would like wish all our readers celebrating Hanukkah warm wishes for you and your family as you celebrate and observe the next eight nights.
Thursday, 10 December 2009 05:00

Dental Myths Patients Believe

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Earlier in the week, we busted some dental myths that float out there among our industry and peers…Well check out this link from The Digital Dentist blog that highlights the Top Ten Myths that your patients still believe!
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 04:00

Does Lavender Scent Reduce Anxiety?

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Dr. Marty Jablow recently posted a research study conducted on the effect of lavender, and how it affects a dental patient’s anxiety in the dental setting. The objective of the study was to determine if the odor of lavender would actually reduce the level of anxiety for patients during their time spent in the waiting room before a scheduled appointment. The results may surprise you! Read the conclusion on Jablow’s blog. Hmm, does this mean we’ll be seeing an increase of lavender in supply closets next to the gloves and disposable bibs?
Monday, 07 December 2009 06:00

Top Dental Myths BUSTED

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Mythbusters_basic2 We’ve all heard or even spread them ourselves, urban legends or commonly held beliefs that have created myths in our society… “Cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis”… “You need to wait one hour after eating before swimming”…  “Drop food on the floor? No worries. If you eat it within five seconds of letting it fall, you’re good”… Could these be true??  Well, it’s what our parents have always told us! But thanks to the popular Discovery channel show, MythBusters, these theories are being tested and proven, once and for all, to be either true or false. While Mythbusters may have either proven or disproved common stereotypes, Mouth, the official journal of the American Student Dental Association, aims to clear up many of the common “folklore” that often circulate around the dental industry. In the most recent issue of Mouth, the editors have done their homework to provide answers to some of the common stereotypes we often hear in dental. Let’s test your “dental myth” knowledge… Some of the answers may surprise you!
  1. Do dentists really have the highest suicide rate?
  2. Is it possible to catch a bullet between your teeth?
  3. Is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a human’s mouth?
  4. Will a tooth dissolve in a can of Cola over night?
  5. Can a dental filling pick up radio signals?
  1. According to Mouth, there is no complete data to back this claim up.   However, psychologists have found that health care professionals as a whole do have a particularly high rate of suicides.
  2. The show Mythbusters tested and determined human reflexes are not fast enough, nor are our teeth strong enough, to catch a bullet.  So don’t try this at home!
  3. According to Mythbusters - YES!
  4. Sorry, the only side effects here are tooth stains, but leaving a tooth in a can of pop for a few months can ultimately create decay.
  5. No, metal fillings can not pick up radio signals…but imagine if they could work as radio receivers?!?!  Think of all the money we’d save on iPods!
For complete details about the above dental questions and answers, and even more dental-related myths busted and confirmed, read the Fall 2009, Volume 29, Number 3 of Mouth.
Friday, 04 December 2009 05:00

Back From GNYDM

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GNDM-1 We just got back from the 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting and this year’s meeting definitely seemed more crowded and responsive than in 2008…it left us with a positive outlook for things to come in the New Year.  Did you enjoy the meeting? Thought I would share a photo from our booth during the show! GNDM-2 With a successful GNYDM behind us, hopefully it is a sign of good things to come for the upcoming Yankee Dental and Chicago Mid Winter Meetings.
Wednesday, 02 December 2009 06:00

Social Networking in the Dental Office

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social-media Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube….I am sure you have heard of one or all of these by now, as these social networking sites have become the new buzz words. Social media sites started as an online tool for personal use, connecting with friends. And some still regard the somewhat-new sites as “something your kids use”. But more and more, social media sites are being used by companies as a powerful tool for conducting business in the form of marketing, communicating with customers, networking, and sharing ideas with other like-minded professionals. As a “dental professional” your actual day-to-day job is to care for your patients, yet your practice is also a business. As a “business professional”, how are you currently advertising your practice…a website, patient reminder cards, newspaper, phone book? These are all good forms of traditional marketing, but your efforts can be enhanced by adding new outlets to your marketing plans that provide new and innovative ways to promote and grow your office. Social networking is the new phenomenon that is now changing the way we must think, listen, and communicate to a newer generation of the “connected”. For those who are hesitant on employing these new tools, this video may help shed some light: So, how can it benefit you and your practice?
  1. As an advertising platform to communicate services, techniques and technologies your practice offers to new and existing customers. And help drive traffic to your existing website.
  2. Network, share, and collaborate with other dentist on techniques, videos, or common interest outside of your practice
  3. Connect with Dental Associations, dealers and manufacturers. Many dental organizations have embraced social network sites as a way to communicate events, promotions, and news.
Social media sites allow you to reach a mass audience fast, through multiple outlets, and best of all, they are a free form of marketing. I know we are all busy, and your days are filled with patients in the chair, but maybe a good start is to create a profile and start by taking advantage of step 3 above. You can then move into creating your own networking and marketing plan for your practice and possibly choose a staff member that can share in the responsibility and time. Once you’re live, let your patients know where they can find you online! If you plan on continuing practicing into the future, you can’t afford not to do these simple things that will bring your office to a new level of visibility. Have you already started a social network with your practice? We’d love to hear about your success – and be sure to include your twitter, facebook or blog page in your comment!
Monday, 30 November 2009 05:00

Win a Trip to Paris with MoHA!

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MoHA-2-Pages2 DentalEZ officially launched a fun and interactive website for dental professionals, www.starmasterpiece.com, at this year’s Greater New York Dental Meeting. Named after its StarDental® handpiece line, the first-of-its-kind www.starmasterpiece.com is a new website designed to look like a Museum of Handpiece Art. Dentists can be the artists they truly are by creating works of art using virtual StarDental handpieces. Dental professionals can choose between five StarDental handpieces and one of four backgrounds to create their masterpiece. Each handpiece is a different virtual art tool, e.g.: brush, etch, polish, etc. After the user has completed his or her artwork, the image can then be forwarded to a colleague, printed, or saved as a jpeg image for further use. In addition, DentalEZ will be holding a Museum of Handpiece Art (MoHA) Sweepstakes on the new site which will run from November 27, 2009 through December 31, 2010. The company is asking participants to submit their artwork for a chance to win monthly handpiece give-aways and the grand prize of a spectacular four-day, three-night trip for two to Paris, France which will include a tour of the famed Louvre Art Museum. The complete winning package includes round trip transportation for two via business-class air from any major U.S. airport, three night hotel accommodations at a four-star hotel, ground transportation to and from the airport and hotel, and a generous $7500 in spending money. Participants can submit up to one entry per day, and each submission counts as one entry for the grand prize. The grand-prize winner will be announced at the 2011 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting. There will also be money-saving coupons and generous quarterly promotions available to all participants. For complete details, log on to the new website at www.starmasterpiece.com.



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