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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 03:30

More Winter!

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PunxPhil Happy Groundhog Day! What could be better, or worse, than to learn on this cold February morning (well, at least here in Malvern) that we have 6 more weeks of winter?! Uh-huh, that’s right! Punxsutawney Phil came out of his burrow this morning to calculate the remaining days of winter, and he spotted his shadow. So like it or not, 6 more weeks of winter it will be...I guess this means we should continue to bundle up and hope that groundhog Phil is wrong… How do you feel about this year's prediction from the all-knowing groundhog? Do you love the crisp winter weather, or are you one that feels spring cannot get here soon enough?
Monday, 01 February 2010 04:00

An Inside Look: Changes in the Dental Industry

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RandyArner Inside Dentistry, one of the leading publications in the dental industry, recently sat down with our very own VP of Marketing, Randy Arner, to gain an “Inside Look” at changes surrounding the dental industry within the last 5-10 years. Inside Dentistry presented Arner with a series of questions in order to gain insight from an insider’s perspective on the changes and challenges that our industry has faced in the past decade, as well as today. Some highlights of the interview include Arner’s emphasis on how practices are currently demanding more high-tech, yet environmentally friendly and affordable products in today’s economy. Arner goes on to detail the many DentalEZ products that provide smart solutions to these concerns: “As practices go 'green', our full line of LubeFree handpieces and compressors provide a cleaner environment…In addition, our 100% water-free dry vacuums conserve both water and sewer usage…Most recently, DentalEZ launched the first true direct LED operatory light, providing new technology to the market while still considering environmental savings…The Simplicity by DentalEZ line of equipment, offers an efficient and economical solution, sensitive to the economic situation that we all currently face...” For the full Randy Arner interview, pick up the February issue of Inside Dentistry and learn more of Arner’s thoughts about best approaches for the research, development, and deliverance of these much needed advancements, as well as how DentalEZ continues to address and resolve the many industry challenges that we all face.
Thursday, 28 January 2010 21:30

It’s Your Reputation on the Line!

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reputation-sitesAre you aware of the many online reputation sites available to your patients or potential patients? Consumers no longer need to ask a family member or friend for a dentist recommendation when “Angie” can provide real time reviews! Just who is Angie? What about RateMDs, Yelp, or Dr. Oogle? These are actually all free online sites that provide the public detailed reviews and ratings on local businesses, including dentists and their practices, written by former and current patients. And if you’re wondering just how much of an impact these sites have on the general public, well, RateMD claims to receive approximately 800 new reviews PER DAY! Hmmm, do you know what patients are saying about your practice? And what can you do to spread the right message? 1st Step:  Take a little time to see what patients are saying about your practice and their experience in the chair by searching some of these sites. 2nd Step:  Take advantage of happy, long-term patients and kindly ask them to leave testimonials for you. 3rd Step:  Don’t panic if you see a negative review, that’s ok too! It shows consumers a real balance, and adds credibility to the posts. If all the reviews were 100% positive, people would start to wonder if a family member or someone at the front desk was posting. 4th Step:  Most of all, be aware of these sites and comments and take it as constructive feedback to make improvements. The Chicago Dental Society had posted an informative article that features some of the more relevant sites to observe. Check it out for descriptions on each.
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 21:00

DentalEZ - At the Forefront of Ergonomics

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Are you one of the many victims of work related pain? As a result of this one prevalent issue, ergonomics have always been front and center in the DentalEZ culture and mission for many decades. We at DentalEZ have long been committed to designing and manufacturing products that allow the entire dental team to operate in a healthy, safe, and ergonomically-sound environment. The impact of improper positioning and equipment often means inefficient organization and teamwork, increased operatory turnover, higher operating cost, and inevitably, patient satisfaction starts to suffer. But even more importantly, your career-limiting pain may negatively impact your chosen profession and quality of patient care. As a result of using products featured in the above video, you can help ensure increased efficiency, productivity, and overall well being for yourself, your staff, and practice. By incorporating the latest advancements in technology, DentalEZ products continue to allow the dental team to work smarter, faster, and healthier.
Friday, 22 January 2010 06:00

Jablow on NuTorque

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NuTorque_Unit We are pleased to introduce Dr. Practice’s first guest blogger, Dr. Martin Jablow. A long-time supporter and advocate of many DentalEZ® products, Dr. Jablow will discuss the features and benefits of using an electric handpiece system, particularly, the NuTorque® Programmable Electric Handpiece The NuTorque® Programmable Electric Handpiece- Making Restorative Dentistry Easier. Written by Dr. Martin Jablow Take a look at the history of electric dental handpieces, and you will find that they have now come full circle. High-speed, belt-driven electric handpieces and dental drills were first introduced in the year 1875. Electric was pretty much the de facto standard in dentistry for nearly 100 years. Then, around 1960, air turbine drills became a stronghold among dentists due to their smooth, quiet operation (at that time, electric handpieces were notoriously noisy), and excellent cutting ability. The electric handpiece was unceremoniously relegated to the back of the dental cabinet, all but forgotten in favor of its pneumatic counterpart. However, with innovations in micro-electric motors to drive the rotors at high speed with less friction, electric handpieces are currently experiencing a revival in the dental operatory. Other innovations, such as computerized torque and RPM control—benefits that can’t be had with air drills—are helping to make a strong argument in favor of electric handpieces, especially for applications such as endodontic treatment and precision cutting and shaping for crown and bridge procedures. Electric handpiece advantages Whereas the air-driven turbine is known for its caries removal and sheer cutting abilities, electric handpieces, such as the NuTorque Programmable Electric Handpiece by StarDental® (a Division of DentalEZ Group), provides maximum flexibility for a wide range of  common procedures, such as endo, implant, oral surgery, and caries removal, too. It’s extremely quiet at any speed. I like that, because it avoids “noise fatigue” for me and my staff, and we all know patients don’t like the sound of a drill to begin with, so the quieter the better. True to its name, the NuTorque electric handpiece provides plenty of torque at all speeds for a constant, consistently smooth cutting action. When force is applied, there is little to no reduction in drill speed. Vibrations (vibrations contribute to the sensation of pain) are virtually eliminated throughout the power-band; likewise, there is no bur chatter. The NuTorque handpiece also features a small head, an easy push-button autochuck for bur changes; quick and simple connections (universal E-type coupling) with 360-degree rotation; and a wide speed range from 100 to 200,000 RPM.  There are many handpiece attachments with different gear ratios, so as to provide the proper handpiece for the job, whether it be caries removal, endo or implant placement.  A handpiece with a ratio of 1:5 can run at 200,000 RPM and is perfect for crown preparations. With a simple push of a button you can change the RPM’s and precision cut a bevel at 40,000 RPM’s. Weighty issues and price concerns are not warranted Electrics are always going to be heavier than pneumatics, simply due to the number of parts required in the head and handpiece body. But we’re talking grams here, so weight is a relative issue. To put it in perspective, 1 gram is about the weight of a penny. Also, the bulk of the handpiece’s internal components are housed in the programming unit/base, and as lighter metals and micromotors are being developed and incorporated into the design, electric handpieces can only get lighter. To address the weight issue—and turn it into a non-issue—the NuTorque electric handpiece is engineered to be extremely well-balanced during use. The center of balance of a handpiece is one of the most crucial aspects of how well it feels, and also the primary contributing factor to wrist fatigue. The NuTorque is exceptionally well-balanced and feels much lighter than its already svelte 98 grams. Another perceived disadvantage of electric handpieces is the price. Electrics are more expensive than air turbines; but then again, look at what you’re getting with an electric: a very versatile and flexible handpiece that is suitable for virtually any procedure (and you don’t have to buy additional motors for endo and implants) you’re faced with on a daily basis. Add in (or rather, subtract) the decreased maintenance costs and longer life of electric compared to air-driven, and the air vs. electric cost issue is a wash. Why own an electric handpiece? There are a number of reasons to switch to an electric handpiece. Stop using your dry slow speed handpiece for caries removal and cut at slow speeds using water to flush the preparation just as you do with an air driven high speed handpiece. This improves visibility and saves you time. You don’t have to switch handpieces to go from high speed to low speed, just change the attachment and speed of the motor. Changing speeds is as simple as pressing a button on the small touch screen controller. Noise reduction is a definite motivating factor. It’s easy to appreciate the quiet operation compared to the high-pitched whine of a pneumatic drill. Margin finishing and the preparation of smooth bonding surfaces are applications that are well suited to the smooth, vibration-free power provided by electric handpieces—a benefit any dentist can appreciate. For endodontists, an electric is a must-have in every operatory, as rotary and step-back endo procedures are easily accomplished with the use of an electric handpiece. Electric handpieces also allow auto reverse and auto forward options. Above all, I prefer electrics because of their versatility and ease of use in the operatory. Because they are programmable and customizable, it’s easy to establish preset speed and torque settings that allow switching from one kind of procedure to the next with a single touch on the control panel. Electric handpieces are not the same as they were just a few short years ago. They are much easier to use, cut more efficiently, produce a more precise cut and are a pleasure to use. Martin Jablow, DMD practices general dentistry in a group setting in Woodbridge, NJ.  He enjoys promoting the use of technology in the dental office to improve efficiency and patient care.  As a partner in Dental Technology Solutions, he lectures and writes articles on the use of technology to enhance the practice of dentistry.
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 04:00

Practice Dentistry Pain-Free

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Book Over the past few months, I have been recommending and illustrating simple yet effective stretches that you can do chair side to help alleviate work-related pain.  As you continue your proactive approach to a pain-free career, I suggest adding this book to your library. DentalEZ has long been on the forefront of designing and promoting ergonomic equipment. As a result of our stance, we have been a long-time supporter of Bethany Valachi’s educational efforts in reference to dental ergonomics including use of ergonomic equipment, exercise, and the overall process of working more comfortably. In her recent book, Practice Dentistry Pain-Free: Evidence-based Strategies to Prevent Pain and Extend your Career, Bethany points out how to:
  • Recognize pain syndromes unique to dentistry
  • Implement appropriate interventions for chronic back, neck, shoulder, hand, or wrist pain.
  • Select the proper equipment that fits you and your operatory
  • Correct damaging posture and body mechanics before they cause pain
  • Perform chairside stretches in your operatory in order to prevent micro-trauma
  • Identify which exercises benefit dental professionals and which exercises to avoid
To find out more information on Bethany’s book, visit her website. To learn more about DentalEZ’s ergonomic equipment, please contact your local sales representative.
Monday, 18 January 2010 05:26

Boston or Vegas?

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Are you planning on heading to Boston for the Yankee Dental Show? How about Las Vegas for the American Academy of Dental Group Practice Show? Next week kicks off two great meetings in the industry, one on the East coast and one on the West. Whichever location you choose, DentalEZ will be there! So stop by our exhibit booth and check out our exciting new products and money-saving promotions. The Yankee Dental Show is has always been a great show to attend.  The 35th annual Yankee meeting will take place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center and will feature:
  • For the first time, Live Dentistry on the exhibit floor
  • An exhibit hall featuring the latest technologies and industry trends
  • Over 300 courses
Stop by DentalEZ Booth #1407 during Yankee exhibit dates, January 28-30th. In addition, the 38th annual American Academy of Dental Group Practice (AADGP) Show will be held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas from January 27-30th. AADGP is the place to be for the dentist already part of a group practice, or the dental professional just looking to find out more information about the dental group concept. Stop by DentalEZ Booth # 413 to discuss how we support and partner with group practices, offering benefits such as:
  • Value Pricing
  • Custom Choices to Meet Your Needs
  • Our Personal and Dedicated Group Practice Team
Visit with us at the January 28th break sessions from 2:15-3:00 and 3:45-5:15 in the exhibit hall. Also, feel free to stop by and have breakfast on us! Meet us at the exhibit hall, as DentalEZ will be proudly sponsoring the Friday, January 29th breakfast meeting between 7:30 and 8:30 am. During both the Yankee Show and the Group Practice Show, you will have the opportunity to demo our NEW products, take advantage of our aggressive show-ONLY specials (valid only during the exhibit days), and enter to win in our many give-away drawings! Remember, our exhibit booth is #1407 at Yankee Dental and #413 at AADGP.  See you there!
Friday, 15 January 2010 11:15

Dental community to help Haitians

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With the recent earthquake catastophe in Haiti, organizations and individuals all around the world are stepping up to offer help to the people of Haiti.  The dental community is part of this effort.   In a recent post on Dr. Bicuspid.com there is an article about certain members of the dental community who are pitching in to help out in Haiti after the massive earthquake. Let's give a round of applause to these dentists who are lending a helping hand.   Read the full article on Dr. Bicuspid's web site.
Friday, 15 January 2010 06:00

Blis-sonic™ Wins Townie Choice Award

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Blis-sonic_Scalers We are pleased to announce DentalEZ is the proud recipient of a 2009 Townie Choice Award for its ergonomically-designed Titan® Blis-sonic Scalers. The scalers are featured in the December 2009 “Special Edition” Townie Choice Award issue of Dentaltown, which highlights several remarkable products that support the dental profession on a daily basis. Voted on by more than 1200 dental professionals, the Townie Choice Awards were created to provide dental professionals with another source of information when making difficult purchase decisions. This is the only award in dentistry that comes directly from the professionals who treat patients every day. “DentalEZ is extremely pleased that our Blis-sonic Scalers have been recognized by Dentaltown,” remarked Richard Gross, StarDental Senior Product Manager.  “To have our sonic scalers viewed as the overall leader in its category among dental professionals, who actually use our products in their everyday work, is the highest compliment.” The Titan Blis-sonic SW (swivel) and Blis-sonic K (fixed connection) are portable, air powered sonic scalers available in 4-line swivel and fixed backend configurations. The lightweight design of the Blis-sonic is clinically proven to effectively remove stubborn calculus deposits and stains from the tooth surface, while providing an extremely gentle cleaning. For more information on the Blis-sonic scalers, visit our website.
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 21:00

Visit DentalEZ: Upcoming Meetings

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We at DentalEZ are excited to start the New Year!  With the start of a new year comes another year of industry conventions and meetings. DentalEZ will be front and center at the following meetings next week to say hello, show you our new product advancements, and present exciting new promotions and offers. Southwest Dental Conference January 21-23, 2010 Booth # 1214 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention January 21-23, 2010. Booth # 425 We look forward to seeing you!



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