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Kids Smiles, a non-profit children’s oral health care organization, is honored to have received $20,000 worth of dental equipment from dental manufacturer DentalEZ Integrated Solutions. The equipment is a major contribution enabling Kids Smiles to provide oral health care to children in Ward 4 who have limited access to care.

“We are honored to contribute DentalEZ equipment to such a vital organization as Kids Smiles,” commented DentalEZ President & COO Heather Trombley. “Their work in providing oral health care to children who otherwise would go without ties in nicely with the DentalEZ core values and our vision to be a vibrant, trusted and integral partner in support of oral health and overall health.”

DentalEZ owner Jeffrey Perelman has been a dedicated supporter of Kids Smiles since the opening of its flagship dental center in Southwest Philadelphia in 2001, providing vital financial and equipment donations that has enabled Kids Smiles to fulfill its mission and expand its services and programs. In 2010, support from DentalEZ helped Kids Smiles open a dental center in Ward 7 of Washington, DC which has treated nearly 5,000 under-served children since opening. This spring DentalEZ continued its support of Kids Smiles’ growth through generous contributions to Kids Smiles’ second DC dental center which will begin treating children at 6143 Georgia Avenue, NW in Ward 4.

“The impact of DentalEZ’s ongoing commitment to Kids Smiles over the past sixteen years has been immeasurable,” said Kids Smiles CEO Cheryl Janssen. “Their support has been essential to our ability to provide comprehensive dental care and education to over 67,000 children in Philadelphia and DC. We are extremely grateful for everything DentalEZ, and Jeffrey Perelman and his team, have contributed to Kids Smiles and the communities we serve.”

For more information, visit www.kidssmiles.org.

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Tuesday, 06 September 2016 15:19

DentalEZ at CDA San Francisco

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DentalEZ is hard at work with CDA San Francisco kicking off this week. Starting Thursday, the dental industries finest will be showcasing the latest products and services on the market. DentalEZ will be showcasing a few new products of our own. The 430 Torque, the newest handpiece from StarDental, will be available for demo, as well as the new LubeFree vacuum from RAMVAC, the Badger LF. 

The 430 Torque offers 27 watts of power – feel the difference! An independent test by The Dental Advisor shows the 430 Torque has the highest watts of power, of the handpieces tested, at 27 watts* and maximum power output. The double bucket rotor design and dual air control maximizes airflow to the turbine, allowing the 430 Torque to deliver powerful performance for every procedure. Read more about the 430 Torque here.

The Badger LF is an efficient, powerful LubeFree dry vacuum system that is perfect for brand-new dental offices, or that easily replaces traditional water ring pumps or aging dry vacuum units. Designed for single or multiple users, the Badger LF is flexible and compact, and effortlessly connects to pre-existing plumbing, making installation a breeze. The tank and control unit are directly integrated into the Badger LF system, resulting in a small, space-saving design. Read more about the Badger LF here.

DentalEZ will be located at booth #1226, so be sure to stop by!

*Yapp, R, Cowen, M, Powers, J. (2016). Handpiece Torque vs. Speed Performance (Rep.). Anne Arbor, MI: The Dental Advisor Microbiology Research Center. On file with StarDental.

Thursday, 01 September 2016 15:00

Remembering Randy Arner

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It is with deepest sadness that the DentalEZ family informs you that Randy Arner (nee Horowitz), former Vice President of Marketing for DentalEZ, passed away early Wednesday morning August 31. Randy was the Vice President of Marketing for DentalEZ for 14 years. Randy had been fighting cancer at the time she left DentalEZ two years ago, and unfortunately her battle never really stopped. We will always remember Randy as the epitome of intelligence, passion and elegance. We offer our sincere condolences to her family and friends. 

Randy Arner was a dedicated and visionary marketer, not just for DentalEZ, but also for the entire dental industry. She was the embodiment of what a true leader should be, as well as a mentor and role model to so many.

Her forward-thinking initiatives in web- and email-based content marketing were firsts in the industry, and way ahead of their time. Willing to use a pioneering combination of artistry and calculated, yet daring marketing grounded in conceptual brilliance, Randy was a risk-taker with pioneering thoughts and ideas that engaged audiences on a global scale. Her idea for “Funny Dental Videos” went viral within weeks—a dental industry first—and solidified the fact that internet-based content marketing would not only work in dental, but would pave the way for countless other companies to follow.

With the creation of the groundbreaking weekly video variety program called “The DEZiree Show,” Randy’s brilliant mind and mentoring spirit helped influence and inspire dental hygienists to be their very best every day, and to make every new day better than the one before. Her interactive marketing initiative called “MOHA”—the Museum of Handpiece Art—challenged dentists and hygienists to use the tools of their trade to not only brighten patients’ teeth, but also to brighten their lives.

Below are two interviews conducted with Randy while she was employed with DentalEZ.
DentisryIQ - Women in VP and Director Positions
DentalAegis - Interview with Randy Arner

Thursday, 28 July 2016 15:31

A Legend Retires

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By 2017, our most famous contribution to the dental industry, the J Family line of patient chairs, will no longer be available for sale. With a limited number of chairs currently in production, we will phase out the history-making chairs beginning this July.

We will continue to offer dental professionals a chance to own the legend by purchasing the classic J-Chair® and/or the J/V-Generation® Chair until the last remaining chair finds its home. “It is indeed a bittersweet time for DentalEZ and the classic J Family of Chairs from DentalEZ,” remarked Mary Alban, Senior Product Manager for DentalEZ Equipment. “The J-Chair not only put DentalEZ on the map as dental pioneers but it is the foundation of each and every dental chair in existence today. We will always be extremely proud to say that the J-Chair was truly the beginning of an ergonomic evolution for the patient chair.”

From now until the end of 2016, DentalEZ will be offering attractive incentives in order to make it easy for dental professionals to purchase a true iconic piece of dental history.

The J-Chair is equipped with all of the accommodating features and benefits that dental professionals have grown to know and trust for almost six decades. The back, seat, and base positions all adjust independently, and the thinnest narrow back available allows superior access. The J/V-Generation Chair combines all features and benefits of the famous J-Chair, yet the J/V-Generation Chair also has the flexibility of a split-back but with a more modern look and advanced features such as an anatomically correct hip pivot point, and left/right flexibility.

Looking forward, we will transition our focus to further educating dental professionals on the many features and benefits of NuSimplicity™ patient chair, an evolved version of the J-Chair. The NuSimplicity features a narrow, tapered back, a base plate design that allows closer placement of operator stools, and height flexibility of 15 to 35.5 inches to accommodate sit-down and stand-up dentistry. In addition, options like wireless controls or the exclusive Air Glide technology make for a more efficient operatory, and a wide variety of upholsteries and color combinations to match any office décor.

Do you own a J-Chair? Take a picture and share it below or on any of our social networks!
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Friday, 22 July 2016 11:52

iStar™ helps residents near San Luis Potosi

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Now in their sixteenth year, First Baptist Church of Cobden, IL, has traveled once again to central Mexico to provide dental and vision services. Taking a team of volunteers which included dental hygiene students from Southern Illinois University Dental Hygiene Program, the volunteers provided preventive dental services - debridements, sealants and fluoride varnish for the residents in four villages near San Luis Potosi.

Accompanying the volunteers to Mexico was the iStar Cordless Prophy Handpiece from StarDental®. With the team members seeing close to 50 patients a day, the iStar's portability and low maintenance kept procedures moving. A special thanks to Sherri M Lukes, RDH, MS, FAADH, for sharing this story and using the iStar! To learn more about the iStar and to request a demo, please visit: DentalEZ.com/iStar.

We are very proud to be apart of causes that improve oral and overall health. If you know of any other great efforts to improve oral health, please share below!

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Thursday, 14 July 2016 09:17

Solving Health Care with Oral Health

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It's common knowledge that health care is one of the largest expenditures of the United States economy. Whether you're healthy or not, it's an expensive price tag on treatment and preventative care. Thinking creatively to slash this health care price, the Dental Trade Alliance recently published a study showcasing an unexpected strategy in which oral health can save billions in health care.

Oral Health is linked to our overall health in many different ways. Oral infections can spread throughout the body, and diabetes is proven to worsen with the presence of gum disease. Poor oral health even stirs complications in pregnancy and lung disease.

To spread the word about this Study, the Dental Trade Alliance launched the Oral Healthcare Can't Wait campaign. Within this detailed campaign, the Dental Trade Alliance breaks down the statistics and presents a persuading approach to better individual health and health care. Because of the importance of oral health to overall health, DTA has built a conclusion that if every American had a dental appointment every year, the overall health of the nation would improve resulting in lower expenses for health care.

To learn more about the campaign:
Download the Study

What do you feel about the strategy presented in the Oral Healthcare Can't Wait campaign? Let us know below!

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Monday, 11 July 2016 08:02

StarDental® Q3 Specials

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We are excited to share our Q3 2016 specials from StarDental® Instruments. Below is a sampling of the great specials we are offering this quarter!


Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get the choice of one free:

  • High-speed handpiece

  • Low-speed motor (5K or 30K)


  • Turbine or Swivel


The High-Speed promo includes the new 430 Torque! Ergonomically designed with rugged 100% stainless steel construction, the 430 Torque is outfitted with an attractive satin finish, resulting in a stylish yet durable handpiece. The 430 Torque is available with or without fiber optics, and either a lubricated version or LubeFree version that provides dental practices with substantial cost and time savings.  It's also our most powerful handpiece to date - offering 27 watts of power!*

For more information about the 430 Torque or to request a demo, visit www.dentalez.com/Torque
Download the Brochure.


Buy one Titan®3, Titan-T or Titan E low-speed motor & attachment, get your choice of 2 (mix and match):

  • Angle

  • Straight nose cone

  • Torque Multiplier

  • Motor-to-Angle Adaptor

For even more low-speed and Endodontics/Electric Systems specials, view the flyer

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*Yapp, R, Cowen, M, Powers, J. (2016). Handpiece Torque vs. Speed Performance (Rep.). Anne Arbor, MI: The Dental Advisor Microbiology Research Center. On file with StarDental.


Monday, 27 June 2016 15:32

Our Summer Radar

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Looking ahead, DentalEZ will be traveling a lot this summer. In July you can find us sponsoring the Academy of General Dentistry in Boston, where we will be showcasing the Identafi Oral Screening Device. We will also be attending RDH Under One Roof conference in July. Celebrating their 15th anniversary, RDH Under One Roof will be held in National Harbor, Maryland.

Looking into August you can find us all throughout Texas, attending both the AVMA Annual Session and the Southwest Dental Conference. In September you can find us at CDA San Francisco. During CDA's first conference in Anaheim earlier this year, we launched the Badger LF and 430 Torque. We are eager to carry over that excitement into the San Francisco Conference. If you missed out, read up on the BadgerLF here and the 430 Torque here.

What show are you most excited for this summer? Let us know below! 

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We are excited to announce our renewed partnership with Solmetex™ LLC, a global leader in amalgam separation. This new partnership will enable RAMVAC® to distribute the Hg5® line of amalgam separator systems and containers. The partnership also enables us to provide a premier line of amalgam separator systems and containers that comply with anticipated Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations expected to be in effect starting December 2016.

The RAMVAC brand of vacuums and compressors are manufactured by DentalEZ®, while Solmetex is the premier manufacturer of the Hg5 line of amalgam separators. Both companies are well known for high quality, reliable products and superior customer support.  

“We are confident that, together with Solmetex, we will provide an outstanding product and service that is also completely compliant with pending EPA regulations that are slated to be in effect this coming December,” remarked Heather Trombley, President and COO of DentalEZ Integrated Solutions. “We are pleased that our renewed relationship with Solmetex not only works for both companies but, more importantly, allows us to provide an efficient and powerful solution for our dental clients.”

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Monday, 23 May 2016 11:51

Star for a Star

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Star for a Star is a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded by Esther Ghebremichael, Star for a Star answers a calling to reach out to those in need, at home and abroad, with a program of essential dental care and life support services that include skills training focused on helping women and children live healthy, purposeful lives.

StarDental® Instruments donated explorers and bur wallets to Star for a Star this year which was used on their short-term trip to the Eritrean Refugee camp in Northern Ethiopia. Star for a Star provided dental services to 422 patients spanning two camps. DentalEZ® and its StarDental brand are proud to support means for improving the lives of others.

Check out some pictures of the mission trip to Ethiopia here.

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