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A common complaint among dental professionals is physical discomfort from performing the duties their jobs entail. Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and more often stem from leaning forward and looking down at a patient to see into their oral cavity.

DentalEZ® was founded with the idea of making its equipment as ergonomically sound as possible; and over 50 years of experience in the industry have resulted in a line of equipment designed to minimize the impact of the working posture of dental professionals, ultimately culminating in the NuSimplicity® patient chair.

The concept behind the NuSimplicity is to provide an affordable dental chair with substantial ergonomic benefits. An ergonomic baseplate and a narrow chair design provide maneuvering legroom for the dental professional, while a variety of headrest designs provide options for the professional’s preferences of positioning the patient’s head. The chair also features easy-to-use controls for patient positioning, as well as the DentalEZ exclusive Air Glide to get patients into an easily accessible position by moving the chair with the touch of a finger.

From the selection of the materials to the design of the chairs curves, the nuances of the design are best appreciated by the practitioners who have examined the ergonomics of their office and have opted for improvement.  If you find yourself suffering during the workday and want to make a change, contact your local DentalEZ sales rep and ask about NuSimplicity.

Monday, 31 August 2015 16:11

Looking back on CDA San Francisco

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The CDA show in San Francisco came to a close on August  22nd, and DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions put on quite a show! Though the pre-show buzz was that attendance would be low due to the early date of the show, there was no indication of that being the case in the DentalEZ booth. Dental professionals from around the country visited our booth to discuss DentalEZ chairs and units, StarDental® Handpieces, RAMVAC® vacuums and compressors and more.

The DentalEZ team found themselves quoting a wide range of products on display at the show. One of the products getting a lot of positive attention was the cabinetry display, which was looking sharp in the DentalEZ booth:


If you didn’t get the chance to stop by the DentalEZ booth in San Francisco, don’t wait until the next big show to inquire about DentalEZ products – there are plenty of specials currently underway! That said, we still hope to meet you in Washington, D.C. or in New York City later this year! 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 15:58

Handpieces: LubeFree vs. Lubricated

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Whether or not you consider lubricating your handpieces to be a burden, it may be in the best interest of your practice to consider going LubeFree. Besides saving the cost of lubricant, LubeFree handpieces save time on maintenance and are typically less expensive for a practice over a 2 year period. As an example, the 430 SWL® from StarDental® Instrument Solutions costs 25% less to maintain on average than its lubricated competitors within that timeframe.


The goal of easing maintenance costs is further achieved through the inclusion of ceramic bearing technology. The ceramic bearings that LubeFree handpieces utilize typically outlast their stainless steel counterparts due to the fact that they are less malleable – in other words they maintain their shape, leading to fewer replacements and repairs. The ceramic bearings tend to run quieter and cooler than stainless steel ones do as well, providing additional benefits to the technology that help them outperform as well as outlast.

There are performance issues to take into account as well. Typical lubricated handpieces tend to expel their lubrication over time – this may not come as a surprise as most lubrication instructions for these handpieces suggest that the user run the handpiece for about 30 seconds after lubricating. This may not sound like a significant amount of time, but that may be because it’s not long enough. A study published in the 2005 British Journal of Dentistry reveals that lubricant is typically expelled for up to 40 minutes after the lubrication procedure is complete.

What this means for your practice is that the lubrication expelled beyond the recommended 30 seconds may be expelled into the patient’s mouth. While not dangerous, this lubrication can have a negative effect on bonding on dentin and on enamel as well. Without the need for lubrication, LubeFree handpieces don’t have these issues.

There may be a lot of handpieces to pick from on the market these days, but if you’re not considering a LubeFree option, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits the technology offers. If your practice is on the market for new handpieces, why not entertain an option that’s easier to maintain, costs less, and doesn’t risk the quality of your work?  

Thursday, 20 August 2015 14:26

Henry Schein Canada: Going Green

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With so much emphasis on the “going green” movement these days, what’s the difference between doing your part and really going the extra mile to make a difference?

Henry Schein Canada exemplifies the latter. They can quantify the amount of paper they save annually to about 17,000 lbs., which is about 1.8 million sheets. They’ve managed to do this by adding electronic flyers and catalogs for consumers, going paperless in their own shipping department and more.

When most of us hear “going green”, we think of conservation. Henry Schein Canada practices conservation, but they also practice restoration. Every Earth Day, they plant a tree for every order made on their website. To date the initiative has totaled more than 3,200 trees! It’s an effort to go beyond reducing their environmental footprint to actually reversing it.

Hopefully soon we’ll see more companies follow in Henry Schein Canada’s example and take that extra step, but going green is just one of many initiatives that they take part in. Take a look at their Calendar of Caring for details on the company’s various efforts to give back.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 08:57

Identafi® Featured in DPS Technology Article

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The Identafi® oral cancer screening device from StarDental® Instrument Solutions is among the topics of discussion in the July edition of Dental Product Shopper magazine. In a featured section about dental technology, the article focuses on where practices should consider making investments, including the benefits of providing oral cancer screening.

In the article, called “Technology ROI”, Dr. Marty Jablow is quoted on detection technologies like Identafi: "What's the price of human life? That's your return on investment."

Many practices would still like to benefit financially as well as morally from new technology purchases. According to Dr. Parag Kachalia that’s entirely feasible:

“If patients are paying $15 a year (for oral cancer screening) and you’re seeing 1000 patients, you’re going to pay for (the device) easily,” Dr. Kachalia told Dental Product Shopper, while adding that at that price point 95% of patients accepted the screening service. Given the low operating cost for the technology, once the initial cost was recovered Dr. Kachalia’s practice hasn’t been charging patients for the procedure anymore.

Also in the technology feature, StarDental’s Sr. Product Manager Rick Gross is interviewed on the subject of oral cancer screening. Gross discusses the major points as to what’s different about Identafi that helps benefit both practitioners and patients. “Unlike other technologies, Identafi uses narrow band reflectance to help the clinician visualize the vasculature around the lesion. This can help provide the additional info to the dental professional that can be used in determining an evaluation and treatment plan.”

When asked about oral cancer stats, Gross noted that "Oral cancer is one of only 3 cancers for which the death rate has not declined in the past 10 years… Identafi, and similar technologies, assists the dental professional in locating potential oral cancer lesions early… when the 5-year survival rate is nearly 90%.”

With cancer being such a hot topic these days it’s easy to see how having this kind of technology, and publicizing it, can create a draw to a dental practice. For those interested in staying abreast of the subject, sign up for our Identafi oral cancer screening eNewsletter.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 09:13

CDA San Francisco Preview

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August 20th marks the start of the California Dental Association’s meeting in San Francisco, and DentalEZ® Integrated Solutions will be there! Come and visit us at booth 1326 and get up close and personal with our latest equipment.

Feel the plush upholstery on our J/V-Generation® chair, or move our chairs with just the touch of a finger with our exclusive air glide. Then head over to our mechanical room – have you seen the HoG?


That’s the RAMVAC Amalgam HoG, powered by Apavia. With the new EPA regulations regarding amalgam separation coming soon, now is the time to get your practice ready.


Check out our dry vacuums and save!

California residents: trying to conserve water at your office? Let us help with a RAMVAC dry vacuum. Convert from wet to dry and we’ll give you $250 cash back – and you may qualify for local water company rebates as well!


We’ll also have our new sterilization center, StarDental Instruments, NevinLabs Workstations, and Columbia Dentoform Teaching Solutions right there in the booth.

Every order signed at the CDA show will receive a special discount or free goods; ask a rep about special offers. We hope to see you there!



Monday, 10 August 2015 08:54

Attention Female Dentists

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In honor of National Women’s Month, StarDental® brings you its lightest high-speed handpiece: the Solara QT. To be specific, the Solara is 20% lighter than any other handpiece on the market; that means less stress on the wrist and fingers. It’s also available LubeFree, which means ceramic bearings that are 50% lighter than normal stainless steel bearings.


It’s not only the lightest, it’s also the smallest handpiece on the market. A smaller handpiece head means better visibility and an improved line of sight.

With a neck designed specifically for the smaller fingers of a female dentist and a smooth gripping area, the Solara is a maneuverable handpiece that would make a great addition to any practice! 

Friday, 07 August 2015 08:10

California Vacuum Conversion Special

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Attention Californian dental practices – DentalEZ is prepared to help you conserve  water! Through December 31st, DentalEZ is offering a $250 rebate on conversions to RAMVAC Bulldog® and Bison® dry vacuums from any wet vacuum system. With the on-going water shortage in California, practices may also be eligible for local water company rebates for making the switch to a dry vacuum system.

To qualify for the rebate, simply register your purchase at www.dentalez.com/californiaconversion.

What are you doing to conserve water in your practice? Comment below!

Tuesday, 04 August 2015 08:06

August Events

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DentalEZ will be on the road all month, attending both tradeshows and seminars. Here’s some detail on where you can find us:

August Tradeshows

  • Benco Dental Equipment Specialist Meeting – Holland, MI - August 4th
  • Southwest Dental Conference - Dallas, TX - August 6-8th
  • CDA San Francisco - San Francisco, CA - August 20-22nd


DentalEZ will be in attendance with equipment ready to show at both the Southwest Dental Conference and at CDA San Francisco. Stop by and visit us to get a look at our variety of products and speak with a rep about equipping your operatory and utility room with DentalEZ Integrated Solutions.

August Seminars

  • Oral Cancer Screening Seminar with Henry Schein and Dr. Tucker- Houston, TX - August 7th
  • Oral Cancer Screening Seminar with Henry Schein and Dr. Abbott - Memphis, TN - August 7th
  • Oral Cancer Screening Seminar with Henry Schein and Dr. Abbott - St. Louis, MO - August 14th
  • FAGD Seminar Dr. Jonathan A. Bregman, DDS, - San Francisco, CA - August 20-22nd
  • Oral Cancer Screening Seminar with Henry Schein and Dr. Abbott - Atlanta, GA - August 28th


DentalEZ will attend multiple seminars on oral cancer screening to help educate practitioners on the Identafi oral cancer screening device. If you’re in attendance, why not meet with our rep on site to discuss taking the next step towards getting your practice ready to screen patients?

We hope to see you at one of these events!

Friday, 31 July 2015 08:43

Handpiece Conversion Special

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It’s never been easier to switch your practice over to StarDental handpieces! Through December 15th, take advantage of our new promotion to convert your practice over to StarDental handpieces at a fraction of the cost. Users can take advantage of the conversion special in one of two ways:

  • Purchase 4 high-speed handpieces, get 2 handpieces along with an additional 2 swivels or turbines free!
  • Purchase 1 low-speed motor, get a free attachment and 2 free angles!


To learn more about StarDental, visit www.DentalEZ.com/StarDental or contact your local DentalEZ sales rep.



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