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On June 27th, over 300 Aspen Dental Practices throughout 31 states will be participating in the Healthy Mouth Movement, an initiative launched by Aspen last year to deliver free dental care and education to those in need. 

The struggles veterans face in attempts to find oral health care are significant. If a veteran isn’t a former POW or doesn’t have a service-connected dental condition, finding affordable care can become a serious challenge.

If you’re a veteran interested in receiving free dental care, call 1-844-AspenHMM to find a participating practice near you and schedule an appointment. Dentists and volunteers are donating their time and talents on June 27th to meet the most urgent dental needs of each veteran they see.

Danica Patrick recently commented in an Aspen Dental press release, "I am excited to continue my work with Aspen Dental to increase awareness about the importance of oral health through the Healthy Mouth Movement," said Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver and Aspen Dental spokesperson. "This year is special because we are focusing our efforts on honoring and serving veterans, who have given so much to our country."

Aspen’s Healthy Mouth Movement has also partnered with two strong organizations dedicated to dentistry and veterans. The first organization, Got Your 6, is focused on empowering veterans. Got Your 6, which to civilians can be taken as, "I got your back," works on veteran reintegration in varied areas of life, including leadership, health and education. The second organization partnered with the Healthy Mouth Movement is MouthMobile.

The MouthMobile is a 42-foot mobile dental office that visits areas in the United States that are sorely lacking the oral health care they require. DentalEZ was happy to donate operatory equipment including a NuSimplicity chair, Simplicity unit and light, Generation stools, RAMVAC vacuums and compressors and StarDental Handpieces. The MouthMobile is putting our donation to good use and will continue to do so as they are providing dental care at 28 locations in 21 states from March through November.

So remember, if you served our country or have a loved one who has, call 1-844-AspenHMM today to get an appointment scheduled so Aspen Dental can serve you.

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Help Kids Smiles during Do More 24

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Today is your chance to participate in Do More 24, a 24-hour fundraiser hosted by the United Way of the National Capital Area (NCA) to support non-profits in the DC area. One particular non-profit, Kids Smiles, has worked to improve access to care and provide dental education for children since 2001. Their DC location has provided dental screenings for over 8,000 children and provided oral health education throughout the community, as well as given 4,000 children access to quality dental care since 2010 at their Southeast DC dental center. 

With Kids Smiles, 86% of every dollar donated directly impacts a child’s life. Donations are appreciated and put to good use every day. However, during Do More 24, the United Way provides additional fundraising opportunities and awards organizations for meeting specified goals. So today is the day to make your dollars count the most. Please visit the Kids Smiles fundraising page and make your donation so they can do more for the children in their community. 

*Images courtesy of the United Way and Kids Smiles

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Design Your Operatory Online!

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Do the operatories in your practice need an update, a complete overhaul or maybe you’d just like to test out some design ideas? With DentalEZ’s brand new Operatory Designer – you can do it all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Begin with a blank canvas and personalize each part, from patient chairs to cabinets, floor materials to upholstery.



Once you’ve finished your design, you can download, email or print your new operatory. It’s easy to share with your dental practice and your DentalEZ Territory Sales Manager.

We’d love to see what you come up with. To share your design, send it to marketing@dentalez.com and get your design featured on our Facebook page!

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Proud sponsors of OSAP’s 2015 Symposium

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There are lots of benefits to being an active member of the dental industry for as long as DentalEZ has, developing strong partnerships is one of them. We’re proud to share that we’ve continued our partnership with the Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) this year by providing an educational grant to support their 2015 symposium.

OSAP’s mission is to be the world’s leading advocate for the safe and infection-free delivery of oral healthcare and they’ve been working to carry out this mission since the non-profit’s founding in 1984. This year’s symposium, “Infection Control – Gaining an Edge,” will be hosted in Baltimore, Maryland and runs from May 28th – 31st .

During the symposium, participants will take a deeper dive into infection prevention and safety in an oral healthcare setting, as well as learn about resources for improved compliance, and gain a better understanding of the attributes required for global leadership in the optimal delivery of infection prevention.

DentalEZ is sponsoring two educational events, the first of which is, “Infection Control for Dental Laboratories.” This lecture will be held on Saturday at 2:45pm with Gary Morgan, CDT. We’re also the educational sponsor for “Mission Dentistry: Staying Safe,” a lecture given by Dr. Frank Serio on Friday at 2:00pm. Dr. Serio is not only a renowned speaker, he’s also about to be the recipient of the 2015 Humanitarian Award at the upcoming ADA Session in Washington DC.  

To learn more about OSAP and this year’s symposium, visit their site or their registration page.

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GUEST POST: Report from the field

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It's been a busy second quarter for DentalEZ and the events schedule shows no signs of slowing down! Earlier this month, one of the many events we attended was the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting. We're pleased to share an insider’s account of the event from our Ontario and Manitoba Territory Sales Manager (and guest blogger), Bill McKeon.


The ODA was held in Toronto May 7 and 8 2015 at the Metro Convention centre. 

DentalEZ had a new look and an impressive new booth!  Thanks to all involved in the design and manufacture, many positive comments were received. The new cabinet line and Star booth complimented the equipment and utility room set ups. 

Ontario Dental Association

Unfortunately, beautiful outside weather curtailed the number of visitors; however this was a case of quality versus quantity.

Lisa Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing and Aggie Pennington, Sr. Equipment Product Manager/Special Markets Manager attended the ODA and held meetings with national distribution partners. These meetings were productive and will hopefully lead to greater partnerships going forward. Evening events with Patterson Dental and Henry Schein were also well attended. 

DentalEZ Tradeshow Booth

A new logo, booth and relationships with key national partners signal good things ahead for Canada.

Best Regards,


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Worldwide Winner!

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Around two months ago at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, DentalEZ held a contest in which one lucky person would win an iPad. Well the winner has been selected and Maria Perez, a member of our globetrotting international sales team was lucky enough to personally deliver the iPad to our winner, Francisco Leal of Leal Dental, during the AMIC Dental Meeting in Mexico earlier this month.

IDS ipad winner

Upon winning, Francisco expressed thanks for the iPad as well as our support and kindness over the years. Thank you, Francisco! 

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Future Dental Professionals Visit DentalEZ!

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40 students from the I-LEAD Charter School came to the StarDental/Columbia Dentoform Lancaster manufacturing facility this past Wednesday to see firsthand how handpieces, manikins and Ivorine teeth are made. This is the first time these students have visited the facility, but it’s not their first interaction with products from DentalEZ Integrated Solutions. Back in January, DentalEZ donated 30 models, benches and additional supplies to the I-LEAD Charter School to help support their growing Dental Assistant Certificate Program (DACP). The DACP, which began in 2013, is designed to give students the training they need to get a head start in creating a career in the dental industry.

[I-LEAD students ready to tour the facility]

Upon arrival, selfies in safety glasses were the first impromptu event of the tour. Once students were instructed on proper safety procedures, they were split into three smaller groups to tour different areas of the facility. The first group went with Anne Rummel, Production Manager at StarDental, to witness the creation of handpieces from start to finish. Fred Howery, Columbia Dentoform Production Manager, walked the second group through the process of creating Ivorine teeth, from melamine powder and injection molding to the final stages of hand finishing each tooth. I-LEAD students took note of the differences between the teeth on the production line and the teeth they’re accustomed to working with at their school on a daily basis.  The third group saw the complete production of dental heads and manikins. After the tours concluded, a Q&A session followed and of course, a visit wouldn’t be complete without everyone getting a goody bag. 

[Manikins and Ivorine teeth displays]

The experience was a learning opportunity for DentalEZ too. “The students from I-LEAD were surprised by the cleanliness of the manufacturing facility. When people think of manufacturing, they sometimes think back to the facilities of years gone by. Not only have today’s technology innovations, as well as better regulations, improved manufacturing standards, but DentalEZ’s dedication to workplace safety and comfort keeps our sites clean, friendly and safe places to work” explained Amanda Wirls, HR Supervisor for DentalEZ.

DentalEZ is proud to support a school dedicated to training our future dental professionals.  Learn more about I-LEAD and the DACP.

Each year on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day meant to remind us of how important it is to treat the planet with care, not just today but every day. The day-to-day ways in which you help the environment, like turning off the water while brushing your teeth absolutely matter. However, there’s simply no substitute for implementing more substantial changes in your dental practice. DentalEZ has proudly offered green dentistry products for years. From the operatory to your utility room, here’s just some of what we have to offer.

Our StarDental LubeFree handpieces substantially reduce the waste your office creates by eliminating the need for additional oil cans.

Our EverLight LED Operatory Light uses 70% less energy than a typical halogen light and lasts 27,000 hours longer…that’s 10x longer!

And, our newest addition, the Amalgam HoG is leading the industry in filtration. Its high efficiency filtration system is designed to safely and effectively remove harmful waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Powered by Apavia®, the HoG uses advanced vacuum technology and has an industry-leading retention rate of 99.7%. 

Check out our Green Dentistry page to learn about all of our environmentally conscious product offerings!

Happy Earth Day!

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Upcoming Ergonomics Webinar (CE)

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Join Judy Bendit as she presents an ergonomics centered webinar, “Repetition Works …Except When it Hurts” on Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00PM (4:00PM PST).

DentalEZ happily hosts this CE webinar in which participants will review some of the many ergonomic challenges dental professionals face each day and learn about ways to overcome them.

Judy will review seated positions while treating patients, patient positioning, and eliminating negative repetitions by replacing them with positive approaches, along with many other ergonomic topics. If you’d like to learn more, registration for the webinar is now open.

Judy Bendit

As a longtime advocate of ergonomics in dentistry, Judy has been invited to present at over 300 dental and hygiene meetings in the United States and Canada. She holds an Adjunct Faculty position in the Periodontal Department, Temple-Kornberg School of Dentistry and is a volunteer for the Global Smile Foundation performing community outreach around the world. In recognition of her expertise as a presenter, Judy has been recognized for several years as a “Top Leader in Dental Education” by Dentistry Today. She has been a longstanding member of the ADHA and a Distinguished Member of the Academy of Dental Hygiene. Learn more about Judy by visiting her website, www.judybendit.com.

Register for the webinar!

The Oral Cancer Foundation issued a press release yesterday, continuing their efforts to increase awareness for oral cancer. We’re honored to be a part of the work they do!

"NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., April 9, 2015 -- April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. 2015 marks the 16th year that The Oral Cancer Foundation has led the effort to raise awareness of this disease and the need for an annual screening….Our private sector corporate partners include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Henry Schein Dental, LED/VELscope, OralID and Identafi. The university partners this year are NYU, Penn Dental Medicine, and Columbia University College of Dental Medicine.

Primary risk factors for developing an oral or oropharyngeal cancer:

  • Tobacco use in all its forms
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • A persistent HPV16 (human papilloma virus #16) oral infection

Oral cancer signs and symptoms identifiable in a conventional visual and tactile screening:

  • An ulcer or sore that does not heal within 2-3 weeks.
  • A discoloration on the soft tissues of the mouth that persists. It may be white, red, or even blackish in color.
  • A swelling or lump in the mouth that persists. This also applies to a tonsil that is swollen but painless.
  • Any abnormality that bleeds easily when touched. (friable)
  • A lump or hard spot in the tissue. (induration)
  • Tissue raised above that surrounding it, a growth. (exophytic)
  • A sore under a denture, which even after adjustment of the denture, still does not heal.
  • A numb feeling in the mouth or lips.
  • Persistent sore throat, hoarse voice, or cough.
  • A painless fixated lump felt on the outside of the neck, which has been there for at least two weeks.
  • Difficult or painful swallowing, or a painless sensation that when swallowing things are becoming stuck in your throat.
  • An ear ache on one side (unilateral) which persists for a protracted period of time."

Read the Oral Cancer Foundation’s entire press release.

DentalEZ is here to help!

If you’re an Identafi owner providing a free oral cancer screening event during April, we can help! We’ll provide all the necessary disposables, promotional information and patient literature free of chargeRequest materials.

If you’re expecting a large crowd, we’ll even loan you an extra Identafi unit!  

If you aren’t an Identafi user yet, if you purchase an Identafi Oral Cancer Screening System in April, you'll save $300!

Or, save $900 when you upgrade from a Velscope to an Identafi Oral Cancer Screening System. 



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