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The operatory is the heart of the modern dental practice.
Build your practice on a strong Core.

DentalEZ® created the CORE™ Operatory Equipment line at a great value while ensuring ergonomic design keeping both the patient and the dental professional staff in mind.

With attractive pricing, a 5-year limited warranty and exceptional reliability, CORE Operatory equipment provides you with the strong foundation you need for success.

The CORE Operatory Package contains the CORE patient chair, CORE delivery unit and CORE LED operatory light.

CORE Delivery Unit

Designed with simplicity in mind, the CORE product line provides a straightforward, easy to use delivery unit with common components, simple integrated holders and an easy-to-read pressure gauge. Choose from a left/right Magellan-style mount or a fixed-console mount, both positioning StarDental® handpieces and ancillaries within easy, comfortable reach.

Additional CORE Delivery Unit Features:

          • Secure tray placement
          • Brake release handle
          • Easy access control block and internals for quick maintenance
          • Aluminum flex arm for stability and ease of positioning
          • Optional dual-access touch pads


CORE Chair

Our new CORE chair provides great support and helps patients stay relaxed for a positive dental experience. Featuring an extremely strong baseplate and stable footprint, the CORE Chair situates patients in an ideal position with a durable hydraulic lift cylinder. The chair is quiet yet powerful with smooth operation.

Additional CORE Chair Features:

  • Emergency shut-down
  • Double articulating headrest
  • Flip down armrests for easy patient access
  • Touch pad control
  • Standard Naugahyde and NaugaSoft upholstery
  • Wide back
  • 30-degree arc of swivel, 15 degrees to the left and right of center





The Core LED light is equipped with three light intensity settings (10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 LUX) and no-touch operation. The handles can be repositioned 360° and can be autoclaved.

Additional CORE LED Features:

      • Rectangular light pattern
      • Magnetic removable handles
      • Hands-free adjustable light intensity
      • Three brightness settings
      • Kelvin Color Temperature- 5500° - 6300°
      • Removable lens for easy cleaning
      • Several mounting options to fit almost any office set up


If you are interested in learning more about the CORE dental operatory, please visit www.dentalez.com/CORE, where you can view a video, download literature and request a CORE demo.

Buy now to take advantage of our Year End Operatory Package Special.


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Tuesday, 23 February 2010 04:00

In The Market for a New Chair? Read This!

Simplicity_Chair I am excited to report that our Simplicity by DentalEZ™ patient chair recently received an excellent rating of 4.5 out 5 by Dental Product Shopper, a leading industry source for product reviews and information! If you are, or have been thinking of replacing your patient chair, then you may be interested in reading the results of this hands-on evaluation. Published in this month’s issue of Dental Product Shopper, the Simplicity was evaluated by 8 dental professionals who tested and observed many important aspects of the chair such as patient comfort, ergonomic design, and durability. In a snapshot, evaluators rated each of the following features for the Simplicity: Patient Comfort: 7 rated it as Excellent, 1 as Good Ergonomic Design: 7 Excellent or Very Good, 1 Good Noise Level/Smooth Operation: 6 Excellent or Very Good, 2 Good Ease of Use: 6 Excellent or Very Good, 1 Good, 1 Fair Durability: 7 Excellent or Very Good, 1 Good The overall Pro’s of the chair were:  Patient Comfort, Ergonomic Design, and Durability and Con’s: None were reported by the evaluators! When the evaluators were asked to give their overall satisfaction of the Simplicity by DentalEZ patient chair, 6 said they would definitely purchase the chair again in the future. Moreover, one evaluator described the Simplicity, “Great chair. We are glad we choose the Simplicity model. For the price, the chair is great.” To read the full evaluation in Dental Product Shopper click here.
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