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 StarDental® offers two versatile, high performance, air-driven low-speed handpiece systems, one made of titanium (Titan-T) and the other made of stainless steel (Titan 3), both featuring 100-20,000 RPM capabilities and requiring only a minimum of attachments to meet a variety of procedural needs. These lightweight, low-speed systems feature smooth, powerful motors with superior concentric cutting performance and incredible versatility. Operator hand and wrist fatigue is dramatically decreased, as they weigh 25% less than most other low-speed systems. These handpieces are able to undergo steam-sterilization and are less likely to stall under higher torque requirements than other low-speed motors. Chairside repairable angles minimize operator downtime and reduce costs when compared to other handpieces, while the 360 Quick-Connect Swivel dramatically reduces tubing drag for optimum operator comfort. 


StarDental also offers the Titan E low-speed handpiece--equipped with the same power and performance of the other Titan motors built into an e-type connection motor. This handpiece is remarkably flexible, able to fit into all e-type attachments and available in a 360Quick-Connect swivel or 4-line fixed back end. Autoclavable and high-performing under high torque requirements, it has all the reliability and power of the other Titan low-speed handpieces.

All of these low-speed systems come LubeFree, meaning that all motors, attachments, and contra-angles are available in a form that doesn’t require lubrication, reducing maintenance time and avoiding the high cost of repeated lubrication. With a 360Quick-Connect Swivel, tubing drag is dramatically reduced for optimum operator comfort and the handpiece can be quickly disconnected for sterilization. 

For more information or to request product literature for these best-selling low-speed handpieces, click here or contact your local DentalEZ sales rep.

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Monday, 20 July 2015 16:05

2nd Half 2015 StarDental Specials

We’re pleased to announce 2nd half promotions from StarDental® Instrument Solutions! Standard free good specials are below:

  • Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get 1 handpiece and 1 turbine FREE!
  • Buy 1 Titan® 3, Titan-T or Titan E low-speed motor & attachment, receive 2 angles FREE!
    • OR, buy 3 angles and attachments and receive 1 FREE!
    • Buy 2 Prophy Star® 3 Handpieces or Titan Blis-sonic Scalers, receive 1 FREE!


Prefer a rebate to free handpieces? StarDental has some great alternatives to offer:

  • Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get $200 cash back!
  • Buy $1000 in retail low speed products, get $150 cash back!
  • Buy a Blis-sonic Scaler or Prophy Star 3 handpiece, get $50 cash back!

Purchase from multiple categories and increase your savings! Here’s an example on how the rebates stack together:

  • Buy 3 StarDental 430 SWL® LubeFree handpieces and Earn $200 cash back!
    • Add 1 Prophy Star handpiece, earn $50 cash back + an additional $50 cash back for 2 categories for a total of $300 cash back!


To learn more about StarDental, visit www.DentalEZ.com/StarDental or place order now!

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