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Don’t let your handpiece weigh you down!

This month we are shining the spotlight on StarDental’s Solara QT series of high-speed handpieces, which includes both the Solara QT Lubricated, and the Solara QT LubeFree.

The features of the Solara Series include:

  • Lightweight
    • Only 32.8 grams
    • More than 20% lighter than any handpiece on the market means it delivers less wrist and finger stress and fatigue
  • Smooth Grip
    • Smooth gripping area minimizes pressure points
  • Mini Head
    • Diameter of 10.5 mm
    • Mini head design = improved line of sight
  • Innovative Design
    • Neck designed specifically for the smaller fingers of a female dental professional
  • More Power
  • Noise Reduction Technology
    • New advanced air flow design cuts pitch by as much as 50%

Buy now through the end of the year to take advantage of out 3+1 promotion!

Click here to download the  StarDental 2nd Half specials flyer, or click here to learn more about StarDental’s entire line of high-speed handpieces.

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Monday, 20 July 2015 16:05

2nd Half 2015 StarDental Specials

We’re pleased to announce 2nd half promotions from StarDental® Instrument Solutions! Standard free good specials are below:

  • Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get 1 handpiece and 1 turbine FREE!
  • Buy 1 Titan® 3, Titan-T or Titan E low-speed motor & attachment, receive 2 angles FREE!
    • OR, buy 3 angles and attachments and receive 1 FREE!
    • Buy 2 Prophy Star® 3 Handpieces or Titan Blis-sonic Scalers, receive 1 FREE!


Prefer a rebate to free handpieces? StarDental has some great alternatives to offer:

  • Buy 3 high-speed handpieces, get $200 cash back!
  • Buy $1000 in retail low speed products, get $150 cash back!
  • Buy a Blis-sonic Scaler or Prophy Star 3 handpiece, get $50 cash back!

Purchase from multiple categories and increase your savings! Here’s an example on how the rebates stack together:

  • Buy 3 StarDental 430 SWL® LubeFree handpieces and Earn $200 cash back!
    • Add 1 Prophy Star handpiece, earn $50 cash back + an additional $50 cash back for 2 categories for a total of $300 cash back!


To learn more about StarDental, visit www.DentalEZ.com/StarDental or place order now!

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