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DentalEZ® Presents StarDental® Integrated StarETorque System

MALVERN, PA—October 15, 2018--DentalEZ® is proud to present the Integrated StarETorque Electric System from StarDental®.The Integrated System combines the power and performance you’ve come to expect from StarDental, providing a user-friendly, 16-color display and a quiet, powerful 200,00 RPM brushless motor for all procedures.  With extreme versatility of e-coupling attachments and high-performance torque, the StarETorque can reduce tooth structure, porcelain, and metal much faster. The Integrated StarETorque can attach to any DentalEZ delivery units.

With a quiet 60 W LED brushless motor, the StarETorque is also lightweight, at 62 g, that minimizes fatigue.  The StarETorque is fully autoclavable. If you’re looking for a new product that brings all the power, flexibility and performance you need, look no further than StarETorque, now available Integrated.

For more information about the StarETorque, visit www.dentalez.com or contact your local DentalEZ sales rep.

About DentalEZ
DentalEZ Integrated Solutions is committed to providing real solutions to everyday challenges in oral healthcare by uniquely combining innovation focused on simplification and efficiency in value-based products and outstanding customer service and support. DentalEZ manufactures a full line of products and well-known brands, including StarDental®, DentalEZ®Equipment, RAMVAC®, NevinLabs™, and Columbia Dentoform®. For more information, please visit www.dentalez.com.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018 14:56

The StarETorque Electric System

The StarETorque Electric system combines the power and performance you've come to expect from StarDental with customizable settings for multiple procedures. From caries removal to root canal preparation, you can move from high-speed to low-speed settings in one touch. The StarETorque's lightweight brushless motor delivers powerful, consistent speed with less noise and vibration- a real plus for both patient and dentist. The motor is also autoclavable so you can be compliant with CDC Guidelines. 

The touchscreen and color display provides an intuitive user interface to reduce time spent making adjustments. Flexibility is built in, and the overall size of the Motor Control Unit is small enough to free up needed space and can be undermounted to your delivery unit.  So, if you're looking for a new product that brings all the power, flexibility, and performance you need, look no further than ETorque.  

Buy a StarETorque Electric System and 2 attachments, get 2 attachments and a lubrication spray FREE! 
Buy 3 StarETorque Electric System attachments, get 1 attachment FREE!

For more specials and more information about this and other products, visit www.dentalez.com  

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Star®ETorquecustomizable Electric System and the first InOffice workstation for in office labs offer versatility, superior performance   

DentalEZ Integrated Solutions debuts its latest innovations today on one of the industry’s biggest stages: The Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Dental Show. 

The new StarETorque  advances the electric handpiece with a one-touch system that allows the practitioner to move seamlessly between high- and low-speed applications. From caries removal to root canal treatment, StarETorque covers a range of operatory needs with a lightweight tool that combines power, performance and flexibility.

The other innovative product showcased at the DentalEZ booth is the InOffice workstation developed for the dental practice. This new workstation can be customized for today’s needs, with the flexibility to add new features as the needs of the practice change.

“We’re excited to debut these new products at the Midwinter Show,” said Bob Senesac, DentalEZ’s Senior Director of Marketing. “As high-performance partners of the dental industry, we are constantly striving to develop new products that provide solutions to everyday challenges in the delivery of oral healthcare. We’re focused on simplification and efficiency, value based products, and outstanding customer service and support.”

Learn more at Booth 1807

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For a limited time only, we are offering a great deal on our StarDental® NuTorque® electric handpiece. The NuTorque system is a highly intuitive, versatile handpiece equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen that makes dental procedures more efficient, productive and predictable and offers an excellent choice for endodontists. The NuTorque is currently available for an affordable $2,100, which is $1,100 off retail price! Additionally, with each purchase, you will receive a free Starter Pack that includes 5 Micro-Mega files. The system has three general memory presets and five endodontic memory presets, additional built-in safety features, which include auto reverse, auto reverse-forward and auto reverse stop, and provides consistent torque, making the NuTorque an ideal tool for all high, low, and endo procedures. This offer is valid July 1 – September 30, 2011. You may contact your sales representative today for a NuTorque demonstration, or sign up at www.dentalez.com/nutorque.
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Thursday, 18 November 2010 04:00

Electric Vs. Air Handpieces

Electric handpieces have been the preferred choice of handpieces by dental professionals in Europe and Asia for decades and in recent years they are growing in popularity in North America. However, the air driven handpiece remains the popular workhorse of North American offices. So what are the benefits that electric handpieces have over air driven that are gaining them such notoriety? The Fall issue of Dental Practice Management (DPM), Canada’s leading business & lifestyle magazine for the dentist, outlines the features of electric handpieces and the many benefits they have over air driven in the article entitled, Electric Handpieces: Profiting From Increased Efficiency. In summary, DPM outlines the following key features: Electric handpieces usually require a higher upfront cost, but DPM suggests the short and long-term benefits of increased efficiency will out weigh these costs in the long run. Overall, electric handpieces are faster, more precise, and consistent, providing greater comfort for the doctor and patient. To learn more about Dental Practice Management, please visit www.oralhealthjournal.com. You can also learn about our StarDental® NuTorque® family of electric handpieces on our website.
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Friday, 24 September 2010 11:30

Top Rated Electric Handpieces

The September issue of Dental Products Report (DPR) includes a new approach to product evaluations. Reality Research lab, a private dental research lab, and Dental Advisor, a leading evaluation organization and research publication, provided their “Top Choices” for Electric Handpieces based on 3rd party evaluations. Among the Dental Advisor’s Top Choices....the NuTorque® from StarDental®. As stated by Dental Advisor, “Compared with air-turbine technology, electric systems provide a different tactile feel, weight, size and maintenance protocol. Though they are traditionally more expensive than air-driven systems, they are typically lower maintenance and provide versatility for many clinical procedures.” Some of the NuTorque comments from Dental Advisor consultants…
  • “Best electric handpiece I have used.”
  • “Versatile; very easy to change from endo to restorative.”
  • “Very quiet.”
Refer to the September issue of Dental Products Report for the full report and visit our website for additional details on all of StarDental’s NuTorque Electric Handpiece choices.
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Friday, 30 April 2010 08:38

Buyers’ Guide

Are you in the market for a new electric handpiece? Dentistry Today®, the nation’s leading clinical news magazine for dentists, recently published a comprehensive overview and comparison of all leading electric handpieces currently available in this month’s Electric Handpiece Buyers Guide.   Pick up the April issue today and reference page 140 to compare each manufacturer, apples-to- apples, on important product features such as: head size, motor rpm range, lubrication, chucking, water ports, fiber-optics, sterilization, quick disconnect and warranties.   And you can also visit our website for more details on all StarDental electric choices. 
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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 03:00

Endodontic Techniques Using the NuTorque®

With features such as 5 endo memory presets, auto-reverse, auto-reverse forward, auto-forward stop, and torque control, StarDental®’s NuTorque® programmable electric handpiece is an ideal choice for endodontic procedures. In the article entitled, Advances in Endodontic Techniques Using the NuTorque System by StarDental®, Dr. I. Blake McKinley, Jr., D.D.S., walks us through his clinical approach of “cleaning and shaping” an endodontic case utilizing the NuTorque electric handpiece. After using the NuTorque, McKinley remarked that “Its flexibility, wide range of features, and smooth operation have established the NuTorque as a fully incorporated handpiece in my office and has greatly enhanced my process of smoothing and refining the apical third.” Visit dentalcompare.com to read the full article.
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Monday, 22 February 2010 06:00

Endless Possibilities Electrified!

NuTorqueLite StarDental® is the only company to now offer choices in electric handpieces to meet all your electric needs. Our NuTorque® line has just been expanded with the introduction of the NuTorque® Lite, being introduced at the Chicago Midwinter show. A modified version of the popular NuTorque® programmable electric handpiece system, the NuTorque Lite is the perfect economical option for the dental professional seeking a less-aggressive entry point into utilizing an electric handpiece system. It is an ideal choice for dental professionals to perform general dental practice procedures, as well as basic endodontic procedures. Much like the original NuTorque programmable electric handpiece system, the NuTorque Lite is a highly intuitive system. Dental professionals will be able to control the system’s features with easy-to-use push-button controls. Benefits of the NuTorque Lite system include:  
  • 2 customizable memory presets for general and endo procedures
  • Speed, Gear Ratio, and Forward/Reverse Direction settings
  • Universal E-type motor coupling accepts seven different NuTorque attachments
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Autoclavable, brushless motor
The choice is yours…NuTorque Lite is ideal for practices looking to support a wide variety of individual solutions, including endodontics. For an economical system with simple features, NuTorque Lite fits the bill without breaking the bank! Start discovering NuTorque electric choices here along with its full list of attachments. Why use electric handpieces? What are its benefits? Click here to read the post from our guest blogger, Dr. Martin Jablow, as he discusses all features and benefits of using an electric handpiece system.
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Friday, 22 January 2010 06:00

Jablow on NuTorque

NuTorque_Unit We are pleased to introduce Dr. Practice’s first guest blogger, Dr. Martin Jablow. A long-time supporter and advocate of many DentalEZ® products, Dr. Jablow will discuss the features and benefits of using an electric handpiece system, particularly, the NuTorque® Programmable Electric Handpiece The NuTorque® Programmable Electric Handpiece- Making Restorative Dentistry Easier. Written by Dr. Martin Jablow Take a look at the history of electric dental handpieces, and you will find that they have now come full circle. High-speed, belt-driven electric handpieces and dental drills were first introduced in the year 1875. Electric was pretty much the de facto standard in dentistry for nearly 100 years. Then, around 1960, air turbine drills became a stronghold among dentists due to their smooth, quiet operation (at that time, electric handpieces were notoriously noisy), and excellent cutting ability. The electric handpiece was unceremoniously relegated to the back of the dental cabinet, all but forgotten in favor of its pneumatic counterpart. However, with innovations in micro-electric motors to drive the rotors at high speed with less friction, electric handpieces are currently experiencing a revival in the dental operatory. Other innovations, such as computerized torque and RPM control—benefits that can’t be had with air drills—are helping to make a strong argument in favor of electric handpieces, especially for applications such as endodontic treatment and precision cutting and shaping for crown and bridge procedures. Electric handpiece advantages Whereas the air-driven turbine is known for its caries removal and sheer cutting abilities, electric handpieces, such as the NuTorque Programmable Electric Handpiece by StarDental® (a Division of DentalEZ Group), provides maximum flexibility for a wide range of  common procedures, such as endo, implant, oral surgery, and caries removal, too. It’s extremely quiet at any speed. I like that, because it avoids “noise fatigue” for me and my staff, and we all know patients don’t like the sound of a drill to begin with, so the quieter the better. True to its name, the NuTorque electric handpiece provides plenty of torque at all speeds for a constant, consistently smooth cutting action. When force is applied, there is little to no reduction in drill speed. Vibrations (vibrations contribute to the sensation of pain) are virtually eliminated throughout the power-band; likewise, there is no bur chatter. The NuTorque handpiece also features a small head, an easy push-button autochuck for bur changes; quick and simple connections (universal E-type coupling) with 360-degree rotation; and a wide speed range from 100 to 200,000 RPM.  There are many handpiece attachments with different gear ratios, so as to provide the proper handpiece for the job, whether it be caries removal, endo or implant placement.  A handpiece with a ratio of 1:5 can run at 200,000 RPM and is perfect for crown preparations. With a simple push of a button you can change the RPM’s and precision cut a bevel at 40,000 RPM’s. Weighty issues and price concerns are not warranted Electrics are always going to be heavier than pneumatics, simply due to the number of parts required in the head and handpiece body. But we’re talking grams here, so weight is a relative issue. To put it in perspective, 1 gram is about the weight of a penny. Also, the bulk of the handpiece’s internal components are housed in the programming unit/base, and as lighter metals and micromotors are being developed and incorporated into the design, electric handpieces can only get lighter. To address the weight issue—and turn it into a non-issue—the NuTorque electric handpiece is engineered to be extremely well-balanced during use. The center of balance of a handpiece is one of the most crucial aspects of how well it feels, and also the primary contributing factor to wrist fatigue. The NuTorque is exceptionally well-balanced and feels much lighter than its already svelte 98 grams. Another perceived disadvantage of electric handpieces is the price. Electrics are more expensive than air turbines; but then again, look at what you’re getting with an electric: a very versatile and flexible handpiece that is suitable for virtually any procedure (and you don’t have to buy additional motors for endo and implants) you’re faced with on a daily basis. Add in (or rather, subtract) the decreased maintenance costs and longer life of electric compared to air-driven, and the air vs. electric cost issue is a wash. Why own an electric handpiece? There are a number of reasons to switch to an electric handpiece. Stop using your dry slow speed handpiece for caries removal and cut at slow speeds using water to flush the preparation just as you do with an air driven high speed handpiece. This improves visibility and saves you time. You don’t have to switch handpieces to go from high speed to low speed, just change the attachment and speed of the motor. Changing speeds is as simple as pressing a button on the small touch screen controller. Noise reduction is a definite motivating factor. It’s easy to appreciate the quiet operation compared to the high-pitched whine of a pneumatic drill. Margin finishing and the preparation of smooth bonding surfaces are applications that are well suited to the smooth, vibration-free power provided by electric handpieces—a benefit any dentist can appreciate. For endodontists, an electric is a must-have in every operatory, as rotary and step-back endo procedures are easily accomplished with the use of an electric handpiece. Electric handpieces also allow auto reverse and auto forward options. Above all, I prefer electrics because of their versatility and ease of use in the operatory. Because they are programmable and customizable, it’s easy to establish preset speed and torque settings that allow switching from one kind of procedure to the next with a single touch on the control panel. Electric handpieces are not the same as they were just a few short years ago. They are much easier to use, cut more efficiently, produce a more precise cut and are a pleasure to use. Martin Jablow, DMD practices general dentistry in a group setting in Woodbridge, NJ.  He enjoys promoting the use of technology in the dental office to improve efficiency and patient care.  As a partner in Dental Technology Solutions, he lectures and writes articles on the use of technology to enhance the practice of dentistry.
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